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Estate planning can do more than just create systems for asset transfers. As you discuss how to distribute property, consider your plan’s effects in light of your family values. Here are a few topics to consider:


A properly structured planned gift, like any legal or financial transaction, requires careful consideration of what you are trying to accomplish. It is critical for you and your family to understand and have a clear vision of why you are giving, what you are giving, and who you want involved in the gift. Gift Planning Services Specialists will discuss these important concepts with you as you seek to enlarge the overall vision of your philanthropy.


Current law encourages charitable contributions and provides many ways to structure a gift to any of the Church’s charities. These laws allow you to match a giving tool to a particular asset, many times lowering the net cost to you while maximizing the benefits to your family and the charity. You may make a gift now or at your death, or perhaps a deferred gift that provides income that will help you during your retirement years. We can assist you in examining these important considerations.


A gift to your favorite program of the Church can also become a lasting legacy to your children and grandchildren. Your legacy - that which you leave behind - should be more than just the assets you own. Proper planning perpetuates family values, education, security, and harmony. Gifts made only considering the tax and financial benefits often ignore the tremendous benefits of involving your family members and creating a family gift.


Your family can be brought together under a common purpose of representing the family in the causes that matter most. The family can take an active role in researching various charities and making decisions about what should be given and to whom. Siblings that may not have worked together in recent years can be brought together to carry out the charitable mission of the family. These experiences can change the lives of your loved ones forever.


The process of creating a planned gift requires family members to participate in the investing of the assets, the research of the charities, and the reporting of the grants’ results. Through these experiences, family members get a “real life” perspective of the world we live in and their role in it. That education is hard to provide in any other part of your estate or financial plan.


Properly planned gifts can result in income and estate tax benefits, leveraging the cost of a gift to provide maximum benefit to you, your family, and the charity. Gift Planning Services can provide calculations for all types of deferred gifts and explain how the charitable deductions may be obtained. The cost of a gift may be much lower than first assumed. The drafting of charitable trusts and other documents can be provided at no cost by Gift Planning Services directly to your counsel.

We suggest that you carefully consider all the parts of your planned gift to make sure you have done everything possible to take advantage of the current law and leverage the assets you give. Working in conjunction with your financial and legal advisors, Gift Planning Services will confidentially provide ideas and concepts that can assist you in carrying out your desires while keeping your values in mind.

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