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David O. McKay School of Education Stories

BYU|McKay School of Education

Nurturing the Brokenhearted

Postgraduate student Molly Michaels was named Special Education Teacher of the Year while researching trauma-informed care in early childhood education.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Assisting in the Savior’s Healing Work

Malka Moya is championing in-school wellness centers as a way to reduce depression and anxiety in students and improve their mental health.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Seen, Understood, and Valued

Janessa Castaneda currently serves as a mentor for SOAR, a BYU college preparation and scholarship program that provides opportunities for multicultural students from various backgrounds.

BYU|McKay School of Education|Institutional Humanitarian Aid

Going Forth to Serve: A Greek Odyssey

Everyone knows the BYU slogan “The world is our campus.” For students like Savannah Bullock, donors make this a reality. 

BYU|McKay School of Education

A Goal to Teach Math

Morgan Petersen had worked hard to keep her grades up as she entered her fourth year at BYU. When an expected scholarship didn’t come through, the pressure was on to find another way to finance her education. 

BYU|McKay School of Education

Making Math More Manageable

Jamie Schroeder is mitigating math anxiety in children through an educational framework called cognitively guided instruction.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Combining Culture with Counseling

Inspiring learning moves students to help each one follow their own path. For Bango Gancinia that path is to combine cultural heritage with counseling to better serve minorities.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Ethnic Identity Spurs Physical Activity

McKay School of Education graduate Nathan Kahaiali‘i sees ethnic identity and physical activity as two sides of the same coin.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Interacting with Marla the Fish

Student researchers use an animated fish to teach social interaction to children with autism.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Student Seeks to Improve Learning with Technology

Sydney Boyer, an elementary education major, who researched how teachers integrate technology into curriculum to engage students in meaningful learning.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Teaching the Teacher

BYU scholarships make it possible for Katelyn Woolley to focus on her passion for becoming a better teacher.

BYU|McKay School of Education

That A-ha Moment

At BYU, Allyson studied how students have mathematical epiphanies; now, she’s making them happen.

BYU|McKay School of Education

Education Student Researching the Role of Technology in Classrooms

Electronics mean that teachers have to compete for students’ attention like never before. Sydney Boyer, an elementary education student, observed teachers integrating technology into their lessons. She saw firsthand the struggles that teachers face in navigating this new world.

BYU|McKay School of Education|J. Reuben Clark Law School

Caring for the Poor and Needy

A scholarship has made it possible for Moses Khombe to attend BYU so he can return to Malawi and bless the lives of others. He says, "My BYU training has helped me understand how to treat and help each and every person.”

BYU|McKay School of Education

Helping Students Improve Their Own Behavior

Children with disabilities who monitor their behavior can improve their ability to follow directions, says professor-student research team from BYU's McKay School of Education."

BYU|McKay School of Education

More than Education

Crystal Montgomery dreamed of being an English teacher but never thought she could afford to go to college. “I was overjoyed when I read the email informing me that I had been awarded a BYU scholarship,” she remembers. Read more of Crystal’s story and a thank-you letter she wrote to those who made her BYU education a dream come true.