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Haley Rogers running in a track meet

BYU Video (1:50)

Making a Statement

Video: Haley Rogers had never heard of BYU. But when she lost both of her parents in high school and BYU offered an athletic scholarship, she knew Provo was the right place to go.

Michelle Call

BYU Video (2:37)

Cultivating a Giving Heart

Video: Michelle Call was inspired to give by other donors who gave even when they didn’t have much to give. As an undergraduate food science student at BYU, she heard a story about Jon Huntsman, Sr., who, donated money to those in need long before he became wealthy. Call realized then that giving is not about how much money you have; it’s about cultivating a giving heart.

A Place to Dream

BYU Video (3:01)

A Place to Dream

Video: The new engineering building at Brigham Young University is not just a building. It’s a promise to every child with a dream of doing something to make the world better, that there will be a place to help those dreams come true.


BYU Video (4:39)

2014 BYU President’s Award Winner: Ruth Brasher

Video: Former teacher at BYU honored at annual dinner.


BYU Video (4:03)

2014 BYU President’s Award Winner: Margaret Pope

Video: Long life of faith and philanthropy recognized at annual dinner.


BYU Video (3:01)

BYU's Engineering Dynamic Duo

Video: First they made each other happy. Now they’re engineering ways to make others happy.


BYU Video (3:09)

Art Student at BYU Earns National Distinction

Video: Thanks to her, children are more likely to be reading books.



Happiness is Highly Contagious

Video: Watch some stories of people who have found joy in giving—Philanthropists large and small. Listen to their experiences and discover how they feel that giving is part of the Great Plan of Happiness.


BYU Video (6:25)

One Family's Foundation for Raising Charitable Children

Video: The hardworking farmer LeRoy Smith and his wife LaVell knew how to raise more than just healthy crops. They raised charitable children. Learn how their legacy of giving has passed from one generation to another.


BYU Video (5:35)

How a Minister’s Wife Came to Love BYU

Video: Kay Davenport is a spunky and feisty senior. Her schedule is jam-packed with plans to help and serve others. Rarely will you find her at home. In 2013 Kay was interviewed by her grandson. “What do you want your grandchildren, and now your great grandchildren to know about you?” Her response is insightful.


BYU Video (4:03)

Of Cougars and Lovebirds

Video: Don & Shirley Oscarson have fond memories of both attending and giving to Brigham Young University. In this film they were given an open mic and asked to “interview each other.” The result was a wonderful glimpse into the lives of two people who have kindled that spark of generosity.


BYU Video (3:18)

Overcome: Donors Make Alyssa's Dream Come True

Video: "How do you thank someone you've never met for making your dreams come true?" Alyssa Jacques was able to overcome the limitations of her world and realize her dreams with the help of generous donors, enabling her to attend Brigham Young University.


BYU Video (2:50)

To Give, or Not to Give, That Was My Question

Video: When Brian arrived at BYU every penny mattered to him. See how he reacted one day when He was walking across campus and was bombarded by requests from volunteers to participate in BYU’s Choose to Give campaign for students.


BYU Video (2:38)

Students Discover Higher Purpose While Reinventing the Wheel

Video: Amy and Charles Wood traveled to Peru as part of an engineering project team. There they identified the need for a simple cart. Their design uses a single sheet of plywood and four bolts.


BYU Video (2:38)

You Are the Reason Why ‘I Am the Y’

Video: BYU students whose character and scholarship exemplify the spirit of BYU tell how their education was enhanced and accelerated because of the goodness of others.


BYU Video (0:32)

Brilliant Class Project Turns Into Advertising Gold, Earns National ADDY

Video: BYU students have an impressive track record for garnering awards in the area of film making as in other areas. This reputation for quality work, along with the experience gained by the students before graduation, helps immensely when they seek employment in the film industry.


BYU Video (1:43)

BYU Animators Take Home First-Place 'Student Emmy' for Estefan

Video: Recent animation grad Lauren Taylor will add to the well-stocked BYU Center for Animation trophy case after winning first place in the animation category last weekend for Estefan at the 34th College Television Awards.


BYU Video (2:05)

Supermileage Vehicle is All About the MPG, Not the MPH

Video: Students have built a car that needs only one gallon of fuel to travel roughly the distance from Utah to Michigan, which just happens to be the place they competed this month at the SAE Supermileage Competition.


BYU Video (3:47)

BYU Student Signature Scholarship Testimonial

Video: Every year thousands of high school graduates burst with excitement at the prospects of attending Brigham Young University. They worry about paying for their higher education. So often, it’s the goodness of others - those who are farther down the road - who reinvest in the next generation.


BYU Video (6:07)

It's All in the Family

Video: The Center for Family History and Genealogy at Brigham Young University is a community of family history scholars–faculty, students, and volunteers–working and learning together to fulfill our mission.


BYU Video (3:47)

Bless a BYU student, have a Signature Experience

Video: Every year thousands of high school graduates burst with excitement at the prospects of attending Brigham Young University. For most, it’s a dream come true. For some, there’s a moment of dread. They worry about paying for their higher education. So often, it’s the goodness of others — those who are farther down the road — who reinvest in the next generation.


BYU Video (2:03)

The Roots of Generosity

Video: Jack and Mary Lois Wheatley have a legacy of generosity to Brigham Young University. Their commitment to BYU and the Church has led to an enriched landscape on campus. Watch them speak about BYU and read more about their story.


BYU Video (1:59)

Andy Thorne Finds a Unique Opportunity at BYU

Video: Undergraduate research at BYU opens doors usually reserved for graduate students.


BYU Video (1:59)

Scholarship Helps Dominican Woman Excel in Construction Management

Video: Can a BYU dancer change lives in the struggling economy of her native country?


BYU Video (0:51)

Planned Giving

Video: Wes Mashburn talks about planned giving and the new tax laws.


BYU Video (2:06)

BYU’s Record-breaking Miler Begins the Race of Life

Video: Miles Batty's grade point and time in the mile run are nearly identical. Find out what this record holder dreams of accomplishing after his racing days are over.


BYU Video (2:02)

Scholarships at BYU Help Student Treasure Educational Experience

Video: BYU helped Rachel Buck to gain talents and abilities that she will use to make the world a better place.


BYU Video (2:14)

Mentorships at BYU Breed Success

Video: Nick Bishop's mentored research at BYU has helped prepare him for an MD/PhD program at the University of Colorado.


BYU Video (1:24)

BYU Courses Inspire Students

Video: Jasmine always dreamed of attending BYU. But she found that her quest to strengthen families changed academia from just something she did to something that became a part of her.


BYU Video (2:41)

Mary Richards - BYU Graduate

Video: A teenage dream of broadcast journalism turned into a reality for a hard-working BYU student from Missouri.


BYU Video (1:59)

Capturing the Light

Video: A talented BYU student develops a profitable business in her major field long before she graduates.


BYU Video (1:57)

Tender Mercies

Video: The Y gave Emilie the spiritual basis she needed to serve a mission, get a job, and start a family.


BYU Video (2:05)

Scholarships Fund Student's Amazing Research

Video: Though it began as a science fair project involving a shiny Brazilian beetle, Lauren Richey’s research may advance the pursuit of ultra-fast computers that manipulate light rather than electricity.


BYU Video (1:00)

BYU - Human Powered Water Well Drill

Video: BYU student engineers build human-powered drill for clean water in developing nations. In addition to numerous health benefits, supplying a means for clean water will save villagers hours each day.


BYU Video (1:29)

BYU - Seeing the World

Video: Frederick Axelgard dreamed of studying abroad and pursuing an international internship to further his educational goals. He had no idea he would also find his wife in his travels. BYU scholarships made it all possible.


BYU Video (1:58)

BYU - A Sower Went Forth to Sow

Video: Four students express their feelings about the spiritual environment at BYU and how the gospel enhances their critical thinking about education.


BYU Video (2:09)

Mexico Water Project

Video: BYU civil engineering students develop a water quality model for a reservoir in Mexico.


BYU Video (3:12)

Petr Ruda: From Czech Republic to Serve US War Vets

Video: Petr Ruda of Czech Republic speaks of his experiences at Brigham Young University


BYU Video (2:11)

Mozambique Story

Video: BYU mechanical engineering students participate in a sustainable capstone project benefitting many Mozambicans.