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January 2016

Suzy Sullivan A native of Salem, Oregon, Suzy is pursuing an associate’s degree in social media marketing at LDSBC. The degree was added in 2014 to meet greater demand for online marketing skills worldwide.

Receiving the LeGrand Richards Service Scholarship for recently returned missionaries at LDS Business College was beyond my wildest dreams. I had struggled in school, primarily because I was dyslexic. When I began high school, I read at only a fifth-grade level. Years of hard work and prayers - and a few miracles - changed all that.

Somehow, after I graduated high school, a college placement test reflected that I could read at a college level. I am proof that God exists and answers prayers. I would never be in college were it not for this miraculous answer to prayer.

Another miracle was my scholarship at LDSBC. I was shocked to receive such an amazing gift. With my struggles in high school, I never thought in a million years I could even attend college.

My classes at LDSBC give me hands-on learning. During my first semester, I was asked to help market my teacher’s business. Wow, that was a neat experience! I learned a lot of marketing skills through that opportunity.

LDSBC has also helped me to learn how to turn my fears of the future into faith by working diligently and trusting the Lord. As I have done this, my worries have gone away. I also met my husband here; we were married last April.

When I graduate I plan on being a mom and raising our children. If circumstances don’t pan out accordingly, I would love to work in social media marketing or public affairs for the Church. My plans may not always go as I expect, but I know the Lord has great plans in store for my beautiful family and me.

Make a Gift

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