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From Helplessness to Hopefulness

June 2016

Amber Stevens

I was a stay-at-home mom, and I knew that someday I wanted to go back and finish school. In the winter of 2013 my life turned upside down. I was trying to decide how to put the pieces back together in my life, and I know that heaven and the Holy Ghost had a special role in inspiring me to attend LDSBC. The more I learned about the college and my degree, the more I knew that attending could give me the power to become more marketable and equip me with the ability to support and provide more fully and with peace of mind for my two young children. While attending LDSBC and after, my life and my family members’ lives have been greatly touched and blessed. I gained so much strength and confidence spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. There were many times when I was attending the college that a simple spiritual thought or prayer that was shared in class or in a devotional was exactly what I needed to hear. There were many times when my education was stretched further and my faith was increased because of the inspiration of the college’s learning pattern of prepare, teach one another, ponder, and prove. It allowed an atmosphere where the Spirit could dwell and help increase my learning abilities. I am so grateful that I was eligible for and received the Stella Harris Oaks Horizons of Hope scholarship; I know it wouldn’t have been possible to complete my schooling without it. I would like to thank all the donors for their Christlike examples and generosity in helping me find a way to be successful and have the courage to move forward in such a difficult and helpless time. It is such a great blessing to find hope again. Thank you so much!” - Amber Stevens

Suzanne Jensen

The generosity of the donors who have made my scholarship possible opened doors to me in a time when I felt stuck. I was concerned, as a single mother, about my future. I didn’t know how I would be able to renew my education and employment possibilities, remain financially stable, and raise my family. This scholarship put me on a path that will allow me to succeed, move forward, and feel better about myself and my potential. My opportunity at LDS Business College has been one of my greatest blessings. It blesses me and my family now - and it will also bless us in the future. I will always be grateful for the generous donors who have made attending LDSBC possible.” - Suzanne Jensen

To help single parents like Amber and Suzanne realize their dreams, give to the Stella Harris Oaks Single Parent Scholarship. 

Make a Gift

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