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Amazing Undergrad Studies How Your Brain Affects Your Marriage

April 2017

Erin Kasada

Despite a schedule that includes balancing an aggressive course load in neuroscience, a double minor in psychology and theatre arts studies, managing a research lab and teaching a fine arts class at a boarding school for teenage boys with developmental disabilities, BYU neuroscience student Erin Kaseda still manages to conduct cutting-edge research that wins international awards.

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Kaseda recently won the MacLean Scholar Award, created to allow neuroscience trainees to attend the American Psychosomatic Society Annual Meeting and interact with leading experts in the field of neuroscience. Selection for the award is based primarily on outstanding research or research potential that links measures of brain function to medical outcomes.

This year’s meeting was in Seville, Spain, where Kaseda presented on her work with BYU psychology assistant professor Wendy Birmingham, which examines neurological pathways that are related to marital relationship quality and emotional responses to marital conflict.

Only three students worldwide were selected to receive this award this year. Kaseda was the only undergraduate.

Kaseda recently spoke with University Communications’ Jon McBride to discuss the details of her research, what it was like presenting in Spain and what lies ahead after graduation.

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