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Marriott School of Business Stories

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BYU’s Next Unicorn? Student Startup Scores $905K

One of BYU’s student startups earned $905k in prize money at a major collegiate business plan competition.  

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Innovators Thrive on Honesty

Jeff Dyer and Taeya Howell, BYU Marriott School of Business professors, were part of an international team that researched the negative impact on innovation when organizations prioritize psychological safety over intellectual honesty.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

A Prompting to Return

Millie Rapp never imagined she’d be a single mother. After graduation, she and her husband moved to the other side of the country and had two boys—and then their marriage unraveled.  

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Discovering the Culture of Christ

Culture is like a forest, where individuals are likened to the uniqueness of an individual tree,” says business professor Simon Greathead, who has invited his students to discover “culture of Christ” characteristics in general conference addresses.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

“It Made All the Difference”

Logan Sackley thought he’d major in finance or strategy at the BYU Marriott School of Business, but after taking his introductory information systems class, he discovered a new passion.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Creating Social Value

Alyssa Clark represented BYU at an intercollegiate competition that involved simulating policy in a European country during a refugee crisis—and her team won!

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Budding Consultant Manages His Course to Graduation

Zach Parker will graduate from the BYU Marriott School of Business’s business strategy program in December, but things haven’t always been so clear for Parker.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Tenaciously Beating the Odds

From drugs and homelessness to succeeding at BYU In the accounting program. Hear from one grateful student.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

An Unheeded Warning That Led to a New Passion

Julianne Francisco is grateful she ignored advice to avoid ruining her GPA by taking her information systems course too early. She quickly discovered she’d found her professional passion.

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Tackling Challenges on and off the Field

BYU scholarship makes playing football and competing academically in other areas a possibility.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Providing Lifesaving Neonatal Ventilators to Developing Countries

The morning after Erica and Kindall Palmer's son was born, he turned blue from lack of oxygen. This experience brought to home the importance of ventilators for the recent BYU graduates.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Paying It Forward

Brian and Linda both felt blessed to have received scholarships when they attended BYU 27 years ago. “After experiencing BYU and knowing how much we gained in all areas of our lives from being here, we choose to give to BYU,” Linda says. “We feel very strongly about the power of education.”

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Risk Rewarded with Job

For Jessica Harris, a Marriott School of Management student, it’s hard to imagine a better introduction to the business world than her internship with Goldman Sachs at the global financial giant’s Salt Lake City offices this past summer.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

We All Scream for BYU’s Scoop Squad

With long hours, late nights, and a tight deadline, Marriott School student Ether Tam and two colleagues produced a three-minute video for a nationwide marketing contest-and won.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Blessed or Lucky

With a little help from generous donors like you, MPA student Ikaika Kim is discovering his calling.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

Living an Exhausting, Exhilarating Life

Kari Durrant thrives on improving the quality of life for others.