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College of Humanities

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Think Clearly. Act Well. Appreciate Life.

The College of Humanities is literally and figuratively at the center of BYU. It exists to help all students at BYU acquire important skills, knowledge, and experiences in their quest for perfection and eternal life.

Make a Gift

Our Role

The role of the College of Humanities involves teaching courses that contribute to the general education of all BYU students in the following areas: arts and letters, global and cultural awareness, humanities, languages and linguistics, philosophy, understanding of world civilizations, and writing. The college offers more than 85 major and minor programs for students who choose to concentrate on specific disciplines.

Divine Potential

In the College of Humanities, we believe that we are all made in the image of God and that the creations of humankind, in all their splendor, reflect the glory of God. We also believe in the divine potential of our students and in the transformative power of education at all levels. We strive to build the kingdom of God as we work to serve the students of BYU. As a result, students in the college are taught to study languages, writings, artistic creations, cultures, philosophies, beliefs, histories, hopes, and dreams, leading our students to understand themselves better as citizens, as disciples of Christ, and as lifelong learners.

We Are Grateful

Our students are aware of the donor support they receive, and they are very grateful to alumni and friends who contribute. Your impact on the program is substantial, recognized, and greatly appreciated.

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