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Student Inspires with Passion for Pantone and Pixels

April 2014


Kimberly Turnbow of Idaho Falls, Idaho, has always loved art. “Creativity is a big part of who I am,” said Kimberly. “I love how the right image can convey a powerful message.” She worked long hours following high school to save for college, then began pondering her educational path. She prayed fervently one night about which college degree to pursue. “When I woke up the next morning, I knew I was going to be a graphic designer,” she said. 


Now that Kimberly had the “what,” she needed the “where.” While searching through college catalogs without success, she was prompted to look at what BYU-Idaho offered. “Much to my surprise,” she said, “the school’s Graphic Design major popped up first thing on the school website when I searched for art degrees. It was the perfect fit from the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs at the university.”

Kimberly was excited to see that the BYU-Idaho pricing was much better than similar programs she had seen elsewhere. Still, once she enrolled in school, she found that the money she had saved diligently was not enough. “Money goes extra fast when you are paying for gas, your cell phone, school, housing, living expenses, and everything else associated with college,” she said.

After applying for and receiving scholarships to cover her tuition so far, Kimberly is extremely grateful for the assistance. “Since starting my art degree, thousands of dollars have gone into art supplies, a laptop computer, design programs, and printing out design projects,” she said. “I could not do this on my own. That makes me even more determined to make others’ generosity worth it.”

One thing Kimberly has learned is that school is not just about the grades. “You do not merely go to college to get A’s,” she said. “You go to gain real knowledge that will help you in the workplace. When I learned to focus on concepts and practices rather than marking off items on my homework check list, I began to really learn, understand and retain the material. The good grades kept coming.” 


A great source of pride is when Kimberly sees her graphic design displayed in the Spori building on campus. “It is fun to realize, ‘Wow, I created that!’ I am still learning and growing as an artist, of course, but everyone has been so encouraging and supportive.”

Kimberly would love to help youth through her graphic design and personal efforts. “Too many are growing up in ignorance,” she said. “Too many are struggling with grades, looks and popularity. Too often there’s a sense of entitlement. I want these youth to know they have value. I hope to communicate how important it is for them to respect themselves and others.”

BYU-Idaho awards scholarships to students who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in academics, leadership, service, talent, or major.

Grants-in-aid allow us to meet the needs of students who may not qualify for scholarship awards or require extra support to reach their educational goals.

Make a Gift

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