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Together for Greatness

Together for Greatness is exactly what it sounds like: an opportunity for BYU-Idaho employees to become a part of something bigger than themselves. Faculty, staff, and administration donate to a scholarship fund for students who have significant financial need.

Impacts of Generosity and Sacrifice


Rubbish at Math

How does Pathway change lives? It goes beyond books and grades. It provides hope for a better future, just as it did with Alice Mackay.

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The Spirit of Ricks

Elder David A. Bednar referred to the Spirit of Ricks as “that individualized attention—the lifting, the succoring, the nurturing—[that] was a hallmark of Ricks College. … [With faculty members,] it’s never about them; it’s always about turning to the student.”

Early in BYU-Idaho’s history, when the school was still Bannock Stake Academy, it faced a seemingly insurmountable financial challenge. By now, you’ve heard the story of how the academy’s first principal, Jacob Spori, took a job on the railroad and donated his salary to keep the school open.

The Spirit of Ricks is palpable on campus today as employees continue to make selfless sacrifices to bless the students and carry on Principal Spori’s legacy. Together for Greatness is one more way to keep that spirit alive.

Need Help Donating?

If you’re a BYU-Idaho employee, the easiest way to be an ongoing part of Together for Greatness is through an automatic payroll deduction. If you would like to adjust an existing paycheck deduction, please contact Carrie Jones at or 801-356-5195. For general employee giving questions, please contact Diana Moon at or 801-356-5327.

How Does My Gift Help?

About 85 percent of the 4,400+ students who receive donor-funded scholarships at BYU-Idaho have what the Financial Aid Office calls “extreme financial need.” Your entire donation (100 percent) will be used to help students through the priority you specify—whether scholarships, Pathway, or the Trustees/President’s Fund. 

Here are just a few examples of students who’ve been blessed by these programs and priorities:

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