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Faith and Work Benefit Utah Student

April 2015


Most high school seniors would jump at the opportunity to get a college education, especially if they could do so on scholarship. Shawnee Lubeck felt incredibly blessed when she received not one, but two full-ride scholarships from two different institutions. So what did she do? She turned them both down and decided to attend BYU-Idaho instead.

“I had been offered a four-year, full-ride scholarship to a state university for academics and leadership,” said Shawnee, from Morgan, Utah. “I also had a two-year full-ride scholarship to a junior college for leadership, but the Lord had a different plan for me. When I didn't feel good about attending either school, I began exploring other options.”

After much prayer, study, and faith, Shawnee looked into BYU-Idaho. “The more I learned about this school, the more peace I felt,” said Shawnee. “I decided that it would provide the best opportunities for me to reach my educational goals.”

Shawnee’s route has not been easy. “I made a slight leap of faith to turn down so much money,” she said. “I now work two full-time jobs from April to September so I can devote more time to my studies during the school year. This is not just a show-up-and receive-your-degree school. You have to work, study, and study more. We are pushed to our academic max many times.”

Last year, Shawnee got a campus job in public relations for the science department. “It has given me the opportunity to talk with CEO's and others working within my chosen field of agriculture,” she said. “This is great, because I plan to get a masters in public relations and work for an agriculture company in marketing and public relations.”

Shawnee has worked hard to maintain her grades and qualify for a grant. It helps her make up the financial deficit after tuition, housing, books, and other living expenses. “I am so grateful for donors,” said Shawnee. “I hope they know that they are changing the future of so many lives. Thank you very much!”

Make a Gift

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