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Hard Work and Testimony Help Grades Improve

April 2015


When Karin Rice became a single mother with four small children, her feelings of self-worth hit rock bottom. For the first time since becoming a mother, she found she needed to work. With only a high school education, she knew she would not be able to support her family. “I prayed very sincerely about what I should do,” said Karin. “I soon realized the Lord wanted me to be in school.”

Karin chose BYU-Idaho for a number of reasons—she had been raised in eastern Idaho and was living in Rexburg at the time of her divorce. By staying in Rexburg she would be close to family and their much-needed support. But more important than convenience was a matter of a more personal nature. “I wanted to attend a school that would help my testimony continue to grow,” said Karin. “At the time of my divorce, my self-esteem was probably the lowest it has ever been.”

Karin’s situation is not unusual for single moms. Many find themselves with little education and even less money. But Karin had the additional problem of poor high school grades. “I have never received good grades in school,” she said. “I figured I would fail at college, but pursuing my education was the direction I had been given, so I went ahead.”

Karin’s faith and hard work paid off. “My experience at BYU-Idaho has helped me in every aspect of my life,” said Karin. “My self-worth has improved, which has helped me become a better mother. I have felt the Spirit bring me understanding many times. I study with much effort, but it always pays off. I never would have imagined myself as a good student and it is exciting to see it happen. My testimony has greatly increased as I have felt and seen prayers answered on a daily basis.”

Her hard work and positive attitude have helped her gain several grants to help her with her financial difficulties. “Without the financial assistance I would not be in school,” said Karin. “While on track I have not been working because being a single mom of four and going to school is almost more then I can handle.”

What is often termed as “the BYU-Idaho experience” has also had an impact on Karin’s life. “My time here has been most rewarding,” she said. “I love the spirit on campus and love that it is taught in the classroom. I’ve had several teachers who have changed my life forever. I’ve been surprised to discover that I love learning. I truly feel that being a student on this campus has improved everything about my life. I could not imagine where I would be without it.”

Karin’s experience and academic performance have resulted in her acceptance into the BYU-Idaho nursing program. She plans to work in a hospital when she graduates. “I am so grateful to the people who donate funds to help people like me, most of whom they may never meet,” said Karin. “Someday I hope to be able to help a person—especially a single parent—with their college education. I am truly grateful for all the help I have received and would love to do something in return.”

Make a Gift

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