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Art from the Heart

BYU–Hawaii alum Sam Mangakahia is combining artistic talent, cultural values, and entrepreneurship to make a statement and a living.

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Young Champion of the Earth

Eritai, a BYU–Hawaii alum from Kiribati, is using hydroponics to alleviate malnutrition and disease in his home country, and the United Nations recognized him for his effort with the Young Champion of the Earth award.

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The Lord is Building Me Up

Ethiopian orphan Ephrem Smith finds love and a sense of belonging at BYU–Hawaii, being surrounded by people with similar hopes, values, passions, and dreams.


Heaven-Sent Angels

BYU–Hawaii student Elizabeth Ramsay is from the tiny village of Holonga in the Kingdom of Tonga. However, these humble circumstances have not kept Elizabeth from dreaming big, aiming high, and looking beyond herself to bless others, both temporally and spiritually.

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From Child Laborer to Child Liberator

Sery, an IWORK student from the Ivory Coast, was abandoned and forced into child labor at a young age. He found his way to BYU-Hawaii, and his experience there inspired and empowered him to return to his country and help children who are suffering the same circumstances that he endured.

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Weak Things Become Strong

Kazu, a BYU-Hawaii student from Japan, struggled to learn English as a high school student. His desire to attend BYU–Hawaii motivated him to study hard, and he finished in the top of his class. Now he is enjoying opportunities he didn’t imagine were possible.

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Video: I See a School

At his inauguration, President John S. Tanner spoke powerfully on the inspired mission and purpose of BYU-Hawaii.

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Setting an Example

Meet Siniteke Fotu, an IWORK student from Tonga. As the oldest of 11 children, Teke has been the example for her younger siblings by finishing high school, serving a full-time mission, and attending college. Her father is a humble farmer, but she is able to attend BYU-Hawaii thanks to support from generous donors. After graduating she plans to return home and work in government.”

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Opening Doors of Opportunity

RJ, a BYU-Hawaii IWORK student from the Philippines, went from imitating artwork from Church magazines to studying art in Paris and New York thanks to scholarships and internships.

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Finding a Way and Forging a Path for Others to Follow

Battsey, a BYU-Hawaii student from Mongolia who is studying accounting, took English courses online before coming to campus. She is now an online mentor for students back home and an IWORK student.”

BYU-Hawaii Video (3:07)

Discover Your Potential and Become an Instrument in the Lord’s Hands

Raife Cambell's mission launched him into new patterns of life and learning, and launched a desire for additional education. This led him to BYU Hawaii, where he built upon the tools he had gained serving the Lord. He also met his wife. He credits donors with blessing his life. Discover how you can become a blessing in the lives of students like Raife.

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At BYU-Hawaii, Raife Honed the Traits He Needs to Reach His Potential

Raife, a BYU–Hawaii student from Australia, strives to stretch himself and achieve his potential through opportunities to develop communication, relationship-building, and leadership skills.

BYU-Hawaii Video (2:31)

One of Nine: Faith and Examples Lead Fijian to Laie

Jone, a BYU–Hawaii student from Fiji, speaks of how the Lord took care of his family after his father passed away. He has learned peace building and made friends from around the world at BYU–Hawaii.

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Video: Ji Lost Everything Before He Found What He Really Wanted

After making his way from the Korean orphanage where he spent most of his childhood, Ji found new faith, and then a fresh start at BYU-Hawaii.

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Tennis and faith: Andy's Story (Video)

Andy was a well-known tennis player in China with a lot going for him. Deep inside he always had questions about faith.

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IWORK Gives Carrie a Second Chance

Carrie, from New Zealand, is an IWORK student at BYU-Hawaii who works at the Polynesian Cultural Center. She is grateful and wants to share what she has learned with her family at home.

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The Road To Leadership: Uli From Tonga

Uli, a BYU-Hawaii art student and sculptor from Tonga, says his school experience and Church callings in Laie helped him develop leadership skills that will bless him and his family.

BYU-Hawaii Video (3:17)

Finding the Loves of His Life in Laie

Nelson, a BYU–Hawaii IWORK student from Tahiti who works at the Polynesian Cultural Center, says he found the two loves of his life in Laie: his passion for art and graphic design and his wife, Rahei.

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"Angels We Have Heard On High" BYU-Hawaii Choir (Video)

Celebrate Christmas this year with BYU-Hawaii and their choir singing "Angels We Have Heard On High."

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Video: Taking these blessings back to Tonga

Ruby hopes to use her BYU-Hawaii education to make a small difference in the lives of people back home in Tonga.

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Video: Polly Finds Happiness in a Gospel-Centered Education

Polly Mak had a dream about education and religion. Her odyssey took her from Hong Kong to Laie, Hawaii where donors helped her take her dream to reality.

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Nanako, a student from Japan student prays to know about Heavenly Father's plan for her future. She finds her answer at BYU-Hawaii.

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Kalavati: From Fiji to BYU-Hawaii (Video)

Going to BYU-Hawaii from Fiji was one of the most unique blessings that Kalavati had ever experienced.

BYU-Hawaii Video (2:20)

Yoko Follows Dream Of Attending University

Yoko, a BYU-Hawaii student from Hong Kong, says her faith left her homeless but not hopeless. It took her 10 years to become a student. She says she learns and grows so she can better give and serve.

BYU-Hawaii Video (1:55)

Video: Denzil Kumar of Fiji studies music through IWORK at BYU-Hawaii

After he obtains his degree in music at Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Denzil Kumar hopes to return to Fiji to teach music to others like him, who want to work in the field of music.