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Student Insights

Mar 2019

Serge Katwalubala

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Serge Katwalubala

Everyone around me saw a change. They were asking me what had happened to me. I told them this class really changed my perception, my vision of life. It helped me to be aware of myself, of who I am, of my skills, of all that I lack, and of all my weaknesses. It helped me to apply all the strengths and skills that I have in my personal life and also my professional life. It helped me try to build others too. It helped me to be aware and to see how I can lift up myself and others at the same time.

Sonrisa Elena

San Diego, California

Sonrisa Elena

In front of the whole class, I was told that I had missed an opportunity, and I was really embarrassed and angry when I left class. The Spirit worked on me, and I remembered how we were asked to be vulnerable and to allow deep learning to happen. The next day I went to Sister Robbins and asked, “What could I have done differently?” The Spirit was so strong when I asked her that. She looked at me and told me what I could have done, and then she also told me all the wonderful things she sees within me that I am capable of doing. It was a sweet moment I will remember forever.

Krista Grover Stephens

Vancouver, Washington

Krista Stephens

We had a project called “What Lack I Yet?” where we each picked a Christlike attribute to strengthen throughout the semester. I chose “acting under the direction of the Spirit.” My speech at the halfway point was a disaster. I was so nervous and lacked confidence. Speaking about my failures and even my successes was not easy for me. The difference between that point and the end of semester was incredible. I felt like a completely different person. I relied entirely on the Spirit for my presentation. My whole family is inactive and speaking in class so many times really helped me learn how to speak to my parents and have the Spirit guide me.

Alexandria Kiel

Detroit, Michigan

Alexandria Kiel

When Sister Robbins looked me in the eyes and told me, “Okay, Alex, you’re the leader, and they’re depending on you. Are you ready?” I felt every inadequacy I had ever felt all at once, and I knew I had to step it up. From there, my experience with the class was a mixture of emotional ups and downs, spiritual highs, and limitations being met and broken—really overall a great growing experience. All of it was struggle based. Some outcomes were easy to learn, and others I’m still learning.

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