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Safety Is a Big Deal

Fulton College of Engineering

December 2022


Student hanging in a harness with a camera inspecting a bridge

When engineering student Alexa Lowman interned with two Fortune 500 companies, she was impressed by each company’s emphasis on safety. At the time she was also serving as president of the BYU American Institute of Chemical Engineers chapter and was looking for ways to distinguish the chapter.

She had a thought: by purposefully teaching safety and its tie to ethics, “we, at BYU, could help prepare our students to be more impactful in their careers,” she says. The idea seemed to align with BYU’s emphasis on learning and serving.

“I realized just how big of a deal safety is in industry.”

Lowman decided that sponsoring a conference would be a start. With the help of several campus and college entities as well as corporate sponsors and many volunteers, Lowman organized the BYU Engineering Safety and Ethics Conference in January 2022. More than 200 BYU students attended activities and sessions to interact with each other and learn from industry leaders.

The conference changed how many of the students think about their roles as engineers in promoting safety. 


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