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"Giving is our opportunityto help others beyond our ownfamily to enjoy the blessings of BYU."- Anita Woolley

Give to BYU

Thank You for Years of Dedication

Your service to BYU has undoubtedly done more good than you will ever know. As a BYU employee, you understand better than most how this institution of higher learning changes the lives of the remarkable students who attend here.

How to Keep Giving

If you’ve been donating via payroll deduction, be aware that your payroll deduction gift ceases when you end your employment at BYU. However you can easily set up a new recurring gift to the university.

An automated monthly donation is a simple, convenient way to ensure that you continue giving in the years ahead. Just select "monthly" or "yearly" when choosing the frequency of your gift.

“Our donations mainly support undergraduate mentored research, which we love because it lifts students as they explore and apply classroom principles—it enhances learning and inspires students to raise their vision of what they can accomplish.”

- Earl Woolley, former employee

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