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How Can I Give Back?

Your new journey begins!

Congratulations! You’ve attended a great school, made some great friends, pushed through some challenges and now you have the degree. While another phase of life begins, you are still part of the BYU family.

You may or may not be aware that a significant part of your education was funded by alumni—perhaps a scholarship, a mentoring or research experience, or lab equipment, and even the buildings you studied in. If you had an internship there is a good chance it was facilitated by an alum. Each graduating class has contributed substantially to enhance inspiring learning through scholarships, mentorships, and research opportunities.


One in six students at BYU are on a donor-funded scholarship.
One in six students at BYU are on a donor-funded scholarship.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much of my donation goes to the fund I choose?

100% of your donation will go to the cause you choose. No overhead or administration costs will be taken.

2. How can just a few dollars make a difference?

While an education at BYU is one of the most affordable options available, there are still many that could not attend without financial assistance. There are thousands of alumni who cannot give back much but prioritize giving a little each month. When each alum gives back only a few dollars, it can result in enough to fund hundreds of scholarships.

3. Why should I, as a new alum, give?

There are many reasons to give back to your alma mater, but one reason to give back is to show appreciation for your education and provide a future student to have the same experience as you. Many have found that the act of giving brings them closer to Christ in their lives.

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