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Paying It Forward

November 2016

Linda and Brian Voigt Linda and Brian Voigt say their BYU experience shaped their lives; they donate to help others have the same great start. After living and working around the world, Brian began working at BYU’s Marriott School in 2016.

The year they were married, 1989, Brian and Linda Voigt began giving what they could, a small amount each month, to Brigham Young University—a tradition that totals 27 consecutive years of helping students succeed.

“We both feel that giving is important; it helps us as we strive to follow Christ,” Brian says. “We have so many blessings, and we’re grateful to give back.”

Brian and Linda graduated from BYU: he in accounting and she in business management. As students, both received scholarships that helped them make ends meet. Those scholarships, given years ago, inspire their giving today.

“After experiencing BYU and knowing how much we gained in all areas of our lives from being here, we choose to give to BYU,” Linda says. “We feel very strongly about the power of education.”

Over the years the Voigts have been grateful to receive letters of thanks from student beneficiaries. “BYU was so enriching to me—spiritually, emotionally, and career-wise,” Brian says. “It’s gratifying that in some small way we are helping others have the same enriching experiences.”

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