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A Second (Unofficial) Degree

February 2019

Dallin Green

With a major in biochemistry, Dallin Green might not be the sort of student you’d expect to find operating cameras at BYU Broadcasting. But Green’s student job is something that he’s been interested in for a long time and that might be an avenue to a future career.

“It’s almost like getting a second degree but with an unofficial diploma,” he says.

When Green came to Provo, he didn’t have a job of any kind, and he didn’t think he stood a chance of landing one at BYU Broadcasting. But a friend referred him to a BYU Broadcasting student employee in a neighboring ward, and that student mentioned his name as someone who really, really wanted a job there.

After learning the ropes, Green has become so proficient with a jib camera that he’s training other students to operate it. Those skills have taken him to New York City with Studio C, made him a fixture at the north endzone of BYU home football games, and given him freelance opportunities with ESPN.

“I’ll remember those experiences for years to come,” he says. “If you told me when I first got here that I’d be working at BYU Broadcasting, I certainly would’ve been surprised.”

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