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Nothing is Impossible

July 2016

Stephane Akoki

I grew up in the Ivory Coast. My mother could not read or write, but she knew how important it was for my siblings and me to be educated. I feel blessed that through the Lord’s guidance I have fulfilled my mother’s dream and now attend LDS Business College. It’s been a long journey though, one made possible in part through donors like you. 

I didn’t always believe that the Lord was in my life. I couldn’t understand how people could believe in something they couldn’t see. But one day a friend who belonged to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints invited me to his house for missionary discussions. When the elders taught me about the plan of salvation, I knew it was true. 

My new faith and a desire to serve a mission didn’t seem to align with my educational goals. Serving meant giving up a scholarship to my country’s top university. After pondering on this decision, I chose to accept a call to Ghana and have faith that I would accomplish my educational goals after my mission. As the end of my mission approached, I learned of terrible armed conflict and atrocities in the Ivory Coast. I desperately prayed for my family’s safety. I returned home to find them alive and well. 

With my family safe, I began a three-year quest toward earning a college degree in computer science - a journey that was fraught with many challenges but one that eventually led me to LDS Business College, where I received a scholarship that greatly eased my financial burden. My experiences have helped me realize that nothing is impossible when you put your trust in the Lord. I know the Lord has a special mission for me, and I look forward to serving Him as he sees fit.


Stephane Xavier Akoki

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