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Hard Work Pays Off

Mar 2019

Albertina Guilamba

As a young girl, Albertina’s mother would often sing a song that mentioned Utah. The song stuck in Albertina’s mind, and she remembered Utah fondly when she met the missionaries; she knew she was on the right track. She remembers seeing the name of LDS Business College on the side of the building before leaving on her mission. “I felt this warm feeling inside saying, ‘That’s the place you have to be,’” says Albertina. “‘That’s the place where your dreams will start coming true.’”

It was difficult for Albertina to get accepted to LDS Business College because she needed to take exams testing her English. But because of those previous feelings, she worked hard for what she knew was right. Albertina knew that learning English would help her reach her goals and make her dreams come true. “When I was accepted into LDS Business College, I really knew that my life was changing,” Albertina says.

Albertina’s smile is bright when she says her testimony continues to grow as she studies to be a medical assistant. “LDS Business College is not just a college where we’re going to get a degree but also where we learn to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ,” she says. “The examples of the teachers and the way they support us and help us achieve our goals makes me want to become a better person and do the same thing for those around me. I have seen a lot of miracles in my life already at LDS Business College. I’m so grateful for the donors supporting us and know that nothing is impossible and that with faith we can accomplish anything. We are able to be what the Lord wants us to be. Thank you.”

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