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Ensign College Student Financial Aid Fund

Ensign College Building, Salt Lake City

What It Is

Ensign College awards scholarships to reward those who have excelled in high school, served missions, and to help those who need financial assistance to attend college. This fund is generally used to support internships, leadership, missionary service, international students, and PathwayConnect graduates. Students maintain their scholarships based on academic performance and adherence to the honor code.

Why It Is a Priority

Many Ensign College students are the first in their family to attend college. The students learn essential career skills and develop the confidence that is critical for success. The experience affects them, their children, and their children's children by creating a standard of excellence for their family. President Gordon B. Hinckley has said: "With good employment skills, these young men and women can rise out of the poverty they and generations before them have known. They will better provide for their families. They will serve in the Church and grow in leadership and responsibility" (Ensign, May 2001, 52).

Group of Ensign College students in front of a pioneer mural.

What It Does and How It Helps

Without scholarships, many could not attend college. As Church membership increases, many more will want a college education. Elder Henry B. Eyring explained the connection: "The change that comes is a desire to be someone even better, to reach for more light, and to give greater service to others. Those desires always lead to a hunger for education, to learn what is true, what is useful, and what is beautiful."

The dramatic increase in the number of young men and women joining the Church has helped fuel a significant increase in enrollment at the College. Students from more than 50 countries and from every state in the nation hope to receive the skills-based education offered at the College. In addition, the spiritual atmosphere attracts students of character who wish to learn in an environment that promotes faith in the Lord and a love for His gospel. Enrollments have reached record highs and will continue to grow throughout the decade. Scholarships are an essential part in the educational process and your help is needed to make that education available to more students.

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