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Ensign College Video Library

Ensign College Video (1:37)

Video: Cuahtil’s New Start

An LDSBC returned missionary scholarship helped Cuauhtil Lozada start a new life and recognize his true potential.

Ensign College Video (3:01)

Video: Education with A Higher Purpose

LDSBC is a community of students who succeed at a high level, empowered by the Spirit and expanded opportunities.

Ensign College Video (1:28)

Video: Ruby's Pivot

A scholarship at LDSBC enabled Ruby Berntsen to gain the education needed to enact the changes she hopes to see in herself.

Ensign College Video (1:01)

Video: You Won't Believe What's Happening at LDS Business College

A top U.S. recruiting firm recently partnered with three of America’s best schools to provide better candidates for their Fortune 500 clients—like American Express, Wells Fargo, and AT&T. The three schools they selected? Cornell, Harvard, and LDS Business College. Why is everyone paying so much attention to the BC? Watch the video to find out.

Ensign College Video (2:53)

Video: "I am ready to be taught."

Adrienne Lauaki came from New Zealand to find her dreams fulfilled at LDSBC.

Ensign College Video (2:52)

Video: Daniel Carter - LDS Business College

Daniel Carter was lost, but found himself along with renewed confidence at LDSBC.

Ensign College Video (2:48)

Video: Grateful Student Finds Fast Track to Career

Magen Boone's scholarship helped pay for a one-year program at LDS Business College that snagged an internship and then a full-time job in a weak economy.

Ensign College Video (4:22)

Video: How LDSBC is Making a Difference in Students' Lives

LDS Business College can accelerate the dreams of students in an environment cultivated for learning.

Ensign College Video (1:40)

Video: Making Most of Education

Brooklyn faced the challenge and found the hand of the Lord in her life.

Ensign College Video (1:49)

Video: Student finds future through LDSBC

Student finds future through LDSBC

Ensign College Video (1:53)

Video: Growth Comes through Challenges

Lorri failed several job interviews but soon found the reason--and her purpose in life--following a personal revelation to go back to school.

Ensign College Video (1:49)

Video: Olivia's Story

When Olivia was injured, her dream of becoming a ballerina was over. With prayer and the help of a scholarship, she was able to find a new path.