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Ensign College Video (3:01)

Education with a Higher Purpose

Ensign College is a community of students who succeed at a high level, empowered by the Spirit and expanded opportunities.

Ruby Berntsen

Ensign College Video (1:28)

Ruby’s Pivot

A scholarship at Ensign College enabled Ruby Berntsen to gain the education needed to enact the changes she hopes to see in herself.

Cuahtil Lozada

Ensign College Video (1:37)

Cuahtil’s New Start

An Ensign College returned missionary scholarship helped Cuauhtil Lozada start a new life and recognize his true potential.


Ensign College Video (1:56)

Megan Took A Leap of Faith and Found Her Future

Megan Boone's donor-funded scholarship helped pay for a one-year program at Ensign College that helped snag a full-time job in a weak economy.

Ensign College building

Ensign College Video (1:01)

You Won't Believe What's Happening at Ensign College

A top U.S. recruiting firm recently partnered with three of America’s best schools to provide better candidates for their Fortune 500 clients—like American Express, Wells Fargo, and AT&T. The three schools they selected? Cornell, Harvard, and Ensign College. Why is everyone paying so much attention to the BC? Watch the video to find out.


Ensign College Video (1:49)

Olivia's Story

When Olivia was injured, her dream of becoming a ballerina was over. With prayer and the help of a scholarship, she was able to find a new path.


Ensign College Video (2:48)

Grateful Student Finds Fast Track to Career

Magen Boone's scholarship helped pay for a one-year program at Ensign College that snagged an internship and then a full-time job in a weak economy.


Ensign College Video (1:49)

Student finds future through Ensign College

Student finds future through Ensign College


Ensign College Video (4:22)

How Ensign College is Making a Difference in Students' Lives

Ensign College can accelerate the dreams of students in an environment cultivated for learning.


Ensign College Video (1:40)

Making Most of Education

Brooklyn faced the challenge and found the hand of the Lord in her life.


Ensign College Video (2:52)

Daniel Carter - Ensign College

Daniel Carter was lost, but found himself along with renewed confidence at Ensign College.


Ensign College Video (1:53)

Growth Comes through Challenges

Lorri failed several job interviews but soon found the reason--and her purpose in life--following a personal revelation to go back to school.


Ensign College Video (2:53)

"I am ready to be taught."

Adrienne Lauaki came from New Zealand to find her dreams fulfilled at Ensign College.