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January 2022

Inspiring Learning

Inspiring learning is more than a program or higher-education jargon. It’s a synthesis of the university’s mission and a summation of the goals of a BYU education. It goes beyond preparing students for exams, academics, and careers. It aims to prepare them for eternity.

Donors have been integral to the success of inspiring learning. What started with a few donations in 2016 has become a $78 million endowment that President Worthen hopes will reach $120 million before long. In the 2020–2021 academic year, even with the uncertainties and disruptions of an ongoing pandemic, more than 6,800 BYU students enjoyed experiential and mentored learning opportunities.

Our mission is clear and simple. It can, in one sense, be captured in the phrase “inspiring learning.” —President Kevin J Worthen

BYU Stories

male student standing in front of building

Leadership and Preparation

When Daniel Ekpo became president of the BYU chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, he learned that being a leader meant being a mentor and a friend.

Female student in front of building

Shaping Public Opinion

For political science student Kesley Powell, many of the most important experiences of her BYU career weren’t in a classroom.

male student outdoors by a tree

“It Made All the Difference”

Logan Sackley thought he’d major in finance or strategy at the BYU Marriott School of Business, but after taking his introductory information systems class, he discovered a new passion.

Male student seated at table with electronic parts

Line of Sight

Tiny “windshield wiper” aids camera surgery

woman smiling.

Investing in the Community

Mother of nine first considered law school after founding a nonprofit organization that connected families experiencing homelessness to community resources.

woman smiling.

Rooting Out Alzheimer’s

Soon after graduate student Justina Tavana began studying Alzheimer’s disease, she discovered that many Pacific Islanders lack the tools to accurately identify the disease.

Silhouette of two people having a conversation in front of a window.

Combining Culture with Counseling

Inspiring learning moves students to help each one follow their own path. For Bango Gancinia that path is to combine cultural heritage with counseling to better serve minorities.

female student smiling with laptop

Finding Her Place

Like most of BYU’s student body, first-generation college student Julie Irvine came to Provo with a purpose. “I knew I’d be able to combine my love of learning with the gospel.”

artwork made from flowers

Art to Help Healing

In 2016, Myleka Bevans’s five-day-old daughter passed away. Bevans, who recently graduated in art, shared her experience in her 2020 exhibit Encounters with Grief.

Student nurse with uniform, stethoscope, and nametag.

Caring with Music

Sarah remembers the enchanting feeling while visiting a critically ill family friend as a child. “A hospice worker came with a harp and played soothing music while my dear friend lay in bed dying.