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Caring for the Poor and Needy

November 2016

Moses Khombe

In 2002 Moses Khombe’s village in Malawi experienced a horrible drought. “Families weren’t able to raise enough crops and they were starving,” he says. Khombe contacted a Utah-based company that wanted to supply aid for Malawians. After company employees saw his leadership skills and his ability to accomplish difficult tasks, they invited him to come to the United States and further his education.

Khombe was only able to attend BYU because of a scholarship. When discussing his post-graduation options, a BYU Law School associate dean recommended he pursue a master’s in public administration. Khombe followed that advice, earned the degree, and then opted to stay for even more education.

“I enrolled in the McKay School of Education’s PhD program. I liked it because I think it’s diverse. It teaches subjects I’ll use. I work a lot with children [in Malawi], and I like providing them with food, but food is not everything. They need help with their social and cultural life too. My BYU training has helped me understand how to treat and help each and every person.”

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