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2015 Donations Advance the Mission of BYU

March 2016


BYU used 2015 donations to fund programs and projects, student aid, facilities, and endowments.

The many people who support Brigham Young University each year with financial contributions make a positive difference for thousands of students. Donations to the university in 2015 provided scholarships, made possible and strengthened programs, funded construction projects, and helped the university fulfill its mission. Read how your donations helped.

You Help the Why of the Y

28 percent of donations received in 2015 are directly benefiting students through scholarships or grants. Thank you; assisting individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life is our mission.

  • Donor-funded scholarships are awarded to nearly 7,000 students each year. 

  • Donor support increases the availability of mentored-student learning opportunities: on a recent questionnaire, 49 percent of BYU alumni indicated that while they were students they had been mentored.


Read “Giving Is Helping” to learn about 11 students whose impressive accomplishments were made possible in part by your giving.

You Change the Skyline

20 percent of donations received in 2015 are assisting with new and existing facilities projects. We know that excellent education requires excellent facilities. 

  • In the past three years, more than 18,000 donors gave in support of the new engineering building—construction is anticipated to begin this year. 

  • In November 2015 ground was broken for the new Marriott Center Annex, another donor-funded building at BYU.


Read “Ready, Set, Go!” to discover more about the new engineering building. 
Read “Marriott Center Annex to Rise” to see how the annex will boost BYU’s basketball programs.

You Fund College and Campus Priorities

34 percent of donations received in 2015 are supporting key programs and projects approved as fundraising priorities. There are campus-wide priorities as well as priorities in every college—donations advance the university’s efforts to fulfill its mission.

  • Last year BYU Broadcasting produced nearly 1,000 hours of original programming with donated dollars. 

  • Programs, centers, and projects in all 10 colleges were strengthened and advanced thanks to donated dollars.


Read President Kevin J Worthen’s message to donors, “A Vibrant and Determined Community of Learners and Lifters,” to glimpse highlights of the past year and his vision for the future. 
Read “College of Humanities Celebrates 50 Years” to see how you are a beneficiary of the college’s efforts.

You Provide a View of the Future

18 percent of donations received in 2015 are building the university’s endowment. Earnings from the endowment will benefit today’s and tomorrow’s students. 

  • Endowed funds help students in the form of scholarships, mentorships, and internships. 

  • Endowed funds give the president and trustees the ability to respond in a timely manner to new opportunities.


In “Blessed to Give” read why Jim and Sandy Cook, two people who didn’t attend BYU, care so much about it and its students. 


Make a Gift

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