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The Power of the Signature Scholarship

Each year, many would-be BYU students decline to attend for no other reason than a lack of funds. Some of them come from humble circumstances or have faced extraordinary challenges or heart-wrenching setbacks. For these students, a helping hand can make all the difference in their education and their future.

With a Signature Scholarship, you have the opportunity to bless and lift students in need. The program also provides an opportunity for you to personally witness the tremendous impact you have in students’ lives.

Three Characteristics Make a Signature Scholarship Unique

1. Naming and Designation

A Signature Scholarship allows you to name your scholarship, whether for yourself, your organization, or a loved one. You may also designate your scholarship for a student from a particular BYU college.

2. An Annual Gathering

Each fall, Signature Scholarship donors are invited to campus to meet with scholarship recipients. This event gives you the opportunity to meet the students you support, hear about how the scholarship is blessing their lives, and build new friendships.

3. Affordability

Whereas named scholarships are typically reserved for large endowments, a Signature Scholarship—which can be started with a donation to fund one student for two semesters (currently $6,500)—is feasible for donors in many financial situations.

Are you ready to establish a Signature Scholarship and start changing lives? Do you need more information before making a decision?

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Signature Scholarships in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is required to establish a Signature Scholarship?

The minimum donation to establish a Signature Scholarship is the amount needed to fund one student for two semesters. Currently that amount is $6,500. The amount can change depending on the cost of tuition.

What is the deadline for making a donation?

Donations must be received by December 31 in order for a scholarship to be awarded the following year.

How long do Signature Scholarships last?

Scholarships are awarded each year as long as there are sufficient funds in the account to cover current tuition costs. Larger or recurring donations will help more students for more years.

How will I meet the student(s) I support?

An annual Signature Scholarship event gives donors a chance to meet the students they support and hear about how their support is blessing students’ lives. The event is typically held in the fall on BYU campus and may include a luncheon. Details will be sent to you prior to the event.

Which students are considered for Signature Scholarships?

When students apply for financial aid, their applications are also used to determine eligibility for a Signature Scholarship.

When are Signature Scholarships awarded?

Signature Scholarships are awarded in the fall. The process begins in January, and students have until August to accept the scholarship.