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Signature Scholarship

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Three Characteristics Make a Signature Scholarship Unique

1. Naming and Designation

A Signature Scholarship allows you to name your scholarship, whether for yourself, your organization, or a loved one. You may also designate your scholarship for a student from a particular BYU college.

2. An Annual Gathering

Each fall, Signature Scholarship donors are invited to campus to meet with scholarship recipients. This event (which may include a luncheon) gives you the opportunity to meet the students you support, hear about how the scholarship is blessing their lives, and build new friendships.

3. Affordability

Whereas named scholarships are usually reserved only for endowments, which require $60,000 to start, the Signature Scholarship is feasible for donors in many financial situations. A Signature Scholarship requires a donation of $6,500 to start. A scholarship is awarded each year as long as there are sufficient funds in the account to cover current tuition costs. Donations must be received by Dec 31st of the year prior to a scholarship being awarded.

Please call 1-800-525-8074 with any questions about the Signature Scholarship.

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Signature Experience Luncheon

The Power of the Signature Scholarship

Every year many would-be BYU students decline attending for no other reason than a lack of funds. Some face extraordinary difficulties and challenges or have heart-wrenching backstories. For each student, the Signature Scholarship can make all the difference.

With the Signature Scholarship you have an opportunity to bless and lift those who most need your help.

“I Would’ve Given Up and Gone Home”

Thalia Hull

The summer before Thalia Hull came to BYU, her father lost his engineering job. Though she’d thought about attending the University of California–Los Angeles, she had a full-tuition academic scholarship to BYU and realized it would be much more affordable.

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A Simple Way to Make a Difference

Don PearsonDon Pearson, far right, at the annual Signature Scholarship luncheon.

Don and Ann discovered the Signature Scholarship, which gave them a chance to help a student (or sometimes multiple students) in need and meet that student in person at a once-a-year luncheon. “Not all young people come with equal family resources—some come from broken homes, some from homes where neither parent has been to college, some from homes where a father or mother has lost employment or has medical issues, and even a few where one or both parents have passed away,” Don says.

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Finding Meaning in Tragedy

McKay Heaton

Provo native McKay Heaton was on his mission in Taipei, Taiwan, when he learned that his brother—who had previously served in the same mission and who McKay had spoken with just a week before—had died by suicide back in Utah.

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Coming Home

Richard PalmerRichard Palmer, third from the right, at the annual Signature Scholarship luncheon.

Richard Palmer had no intention of attending BYU until he traveled from his home state of Washington to visit campus one day during his high school years. In Provo, he got the distinct impression that he would attend the university and even live in a particular on-campus apartment complex that was then still under construction.

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