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What It Is

The BYU student scholarship program offers financial help to undergraduate students. Freshman scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, character, and personal achievement. They are maintained on the basis of academic performance and good university citizenship.

Why It Is a Priority


Scholarships are fundamental to the whole educational process and are a critical tool for expanding the influence and scope of BYU's worldwide mission. Noting the importance of helping students gain an education, President Hinckley has said, "You cannot foretell the consequence of a dollar invested in education. It goes on multiplying itself. It becomes not an expenditure but an investment that pays returns far and wide through generations to come."

Scholarships open the doors to an education for promising young men and women from a broad spectrum of socioeconomic backgrounds and from many countries around the world. Thus, it is a major priority for funding at BYU.

What It Does and How It Helps

Without scholarships many students simply are not able to enroll at the university. This is true for students from North America as it is for students from developing nations. The BYU scholarship system encourages students to higher academic successes throughout their college experience.

BYU students learning in classroom

Scholarships also help attract outstanding students in all disciplines. Many of these deserving students pass up scholarships at other institutions to attend BYU. They come hoping that they will somehow be able to pay their own way. Being a student here is that important to many of them. Some of these students, however, come from large families, families that are often supporting missionaries and other college students simultaneously. Other bright students are raised in families of limited means, or come from places where educational opportunities are limited.

The relative scarcity of scholarships at BYU makes it impossible for many students to qualify for financial assistance in their pursuit of their educational dreams. The need to help more students is urgent. Your participation in this endeavor will be most appreciated.

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