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BYU Television Endowment

What It Is

BYU Television is a national television network that broadcasts religious and family programming produced by BYU and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as by independent producers from around the world. Not to be confused with KBYU, the PBS television station operated by BYU and available only to Utah and Southern Idaho audiences, it is available to subscribers of the satellite television systems Dish Network and DirecTV and to viewers on a growing number of regional cable companies. The programming is as diverse as the educational offerings on campus, and is designed to both challenge viewers intellectually and support the mission and the values of the university.

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Why It Is a Priority

BYU Television is one of BYU's most successful methods of extending the university's educational reach to a broader audience than just on-campus students. Interested individuals throughout the U.S. can be blessed by the educational and values-oriented programming offered. As a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week network, BYU Television is constantly searching for new programs that serve the needs of viewers. Contributions to this priority will enable BYU to produce more programming for the network, enabling a richer mix of offerings that educate the mind and enlighten the spirit.

Seeing the Good in the World

BYU is a wonderful resource of academic, cultural, and spiritual programs and opportunities that bless the lives of students who attend the university, the local community, and other visitors. Millions of dollars have been invested in this school to make its offerings world class. BYU Television is now available to share these unique offerings with the world: BYU alumni and non-alumni, Latter-day Saints, and others who share our values. All who crave values-oriented programming and the faith-based educational opportunities available only at BYU will have their lives enriched by this service.

We invite you to become partners with us, providing funding to enable the station to create original programming and to arrange the broadcast of additional classes and events to an ever-wider audience hungry for these programs.

Popular programs include BYU devotionals, Education Week and Women's Conference talks, Church Educational System firesides, General Conference, the Tabernacle Choir's "Music and the Spoken Word", the Ancestors genealogical research series, documentaries, and BYU fine arts performances, as well as coverage of events at BYU-Hawaii and BYU-Idaho. The station will also receive LDS-owned Bonneville International's family-oriented programs, "Family Times" and "Center Street". The station broadcasts many BYU athletic events, such as gymnastics, volleyball, lacrosse, softball, and other men's and women's sports. Because football and men's basketball are under contract to ESPN or other broadcasters, BYU Television does not carry the games live, but does rebroadcast extended highlights of these games, often running 90 minutes or more.