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BYU Employee Giving

In a 2012 talk on the Lesson of the Bees, Elder M. Russell Ballard explained that while each honeybee contributes only about one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime, the bees’ collective efforts make a successful hive. BYU employees likewise contribute to the success of BYU’s divine mission by sharing their time, talent, and treasure to bless the lives of students through inspiring learning.

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Group photo of BYU Human Resources Services employees.

Department Scholarships Boost Student Confidence

“This is my favorite committee to serve on. Helping out a struggling student warms your heart,” says Rebecca Gridley. “I wish we could help every one of them.”

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Group photo of BYU Risk Management employees.

Employee Scholarships a Pleasant Surprise

In 2008 a group of BYU Risk Management employees created a scholarship to show appreciation to valued student employees in their department.

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Choose where your support will make a difference

You can choose to channel your support through your favorite college, or you can support research, the arts, science, languages, athletics, the library, broadcasting—there are many options. All of them help students and provide inspiring learning opportunities.

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Do you have an interesting thought or story about donating to BYU? Tell us in a sentence or two how it makes you feel, or share a story of how a donor made a difference in your life.