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February 2019

Lola Jeppson

Although she never finished her own degree, higher education means a lot to Lola Jeppson. “I didn’t graduate from college, but my husband did, and we had a good life because of it,” says Lola. “My children have also been greatly blessed because their education has allowed them to work less hours for more money, so they have more family time.”

These experiences have led Lola to embrace the mission of BYU-Pathway Worldwide, and this is why she has created a deferred gift arrangement naming BYU-Pathway Worldwide as a beneficiary. “It’s a great program giving people opportunities for education that are trying to improve their lives,” Lola says.

If you are considering a deferred-gift arrangement - such as a bequest in a will, trust, gift annuity, or life insurance policy - naming BYU-Pathway Worldwide as a beneficiary, please contact Gift Planning Services at Philanthropies for more information at 1-877-650-5377.

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