A male BYU student studies outdoors on campus.

Thanks to you, BYU is inspiring learning and improving the world

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INSPIRING LEARNING is what Brigham Young University is all about; the phrase summarizes the university’s mission “to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life.”

Giving Opportunities

Through donations, generous alumni and friends provide students with experiences such as mentored learning, research assistantships, internships, study abroad, work study, and other student aid. Donors also provide support for additional board-approved programs, including BYU Athletics and BYU Broadcasting.

Students working on a hands-on project abroad.

Inspiring Learning

Inspiring learning is changing the BYU experience, reinforcing a broad and eternal focus on how students learn.

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Group of students walking together to class.


Scholarships change lives. You can provide funds to aid students based on financial need or academic achievement.

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Female BYU graduate posing for a photo outdoors.

and Schools

BYU colleges and schools use donations to prepare students to lead at work, succeed at home, and serve humanity.

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Marriott Center and broadcasting building

BYU Athletics and
BYU Broadcasting

BYU Athletics and BYU Broadcasting help connect fans and audiences around the world to the university.

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Statue of Brigham Young at sunset.

Other Approved

From art to advocacy to literacy and more, you can help advance the mission of BYU and its students by donating.

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“Donors make the university and the BYU experience better for our students. BYU is grateful for all the support it receives.”

— President Kevin J. Worthen
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President Worthen smiling.

BYU President’s Report

It has been, to say the least, a most unusual academic year. Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic continues to affect Brigham Young University’s planning and efforts. The good news is that during the past year we showed that we can not only survive but also thrive in an uncertain and quickly changing environment. I’m impressed with how the entire campus community has shown flexibility and determination in pursuing the university’s mission.

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Portrait photo of BYU MBA graduate Dunia Alrabadi.


The Spell of Discouragement

When someone tells BYU Marriott graduate Dunia Alrabadi that she can’t do something, she finds the power to make that something happen.

Portrait photo of Amy Hernandez in her research laboratory.


Filling a Knowledge Gap

For Amy Hernandez, solving the mystery of multiple sclerosis isn’t merely an academic pursuit; it’s personal.

Photo of Abby Thatcher in front of a Scottish loch while on her life-changing study abroad.


Serendipity in Scotland

Abby Thatcher’s study abroad changed her life, but not how she expected it would.

Photo of Daniel Yirenya-Tawiah speaking to a group of BYU donors


Bringing it Home

It wasn’t easy for Daniel Yirenya-Tawiah to come to BYU from Ghana, but the blessings have completely outpaced his expectations.

Photo of Hayden Livingston dropping into coverage during practice as a safety for BYU football.


We Play for Each Other

With a goal to be the best teammate he can be, Hayden Livingston feels right at home at BYU.

Student in nursing scrubs with stethoscope.


Embracing Those in Need of Comfort

Shawen Bueckers, an April 2022 nursing graduate from Spokane, Washington, and her husband, Mathew, both worked part-time jobs to support their BYU educations. Buecker’s college scholarship gave her additional financial help that she deeply appreciated.

Female student presenting to an audience


Making Math More Manageable

Jamie Schroeder is mitigating math anxiety in children through an educational framework called cognitively guided instruction.

Benjamin Gruber smiling outside on BYU campus


Donors Changed My Life

“I can say the donors to the College of Humanities materially changed my life. Because of their contributions, I graduated debt free and worked fewer hours, which created time for me to concentrate on preparing for the Law School Admission Test.”

Student with trowel standing in a deep trench


Mitigating Hazards at Home and Abroad

Abby Mangum’s passion for hazard mitigation got her involved in researching earthquakes and tsunamis during her BYU undergraduate years.