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INSPIRING LEARNING is what Brigham Young University is all about; the phrase summarizes the university’s mission “to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life.”

Giving Opportunities

Through donations, generous alumni and friends provide students with experiences such as mentored learning, research assistantships, internships, study abroad, work study, and other student aid. Donors also provide support for additional board-approved programs, including BYU Athletics and BYU Broadcasting.

Inspiring Learning

Inspiring learning is changing the BYU experience, reinforcing a broad and eternal focus on how students learn.

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Scholarships change lives. You can provide funds to aid students based on financial need or academic achievement.

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and Schools

BYU colleges and schools use donations to prepare students to lead at work, succeed at home, and serve humanity.

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BYU Athletics and BYU Broadcasting

BYU Athletics and BYU Broadcasting help connect fans and audiences around the world to the university.

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Other Approved Causes

Other causes at BYU including advocacy and literacy are approved to receive donations.

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"The razor-sharp focus of our teaching and our research—and indeed every aspect of the student experience here at BYU—must be the transformative successes of our incredible students."

—President C. Shane Reese
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BYU President's Report

BYU President’s Report is written for and sent to university donors annually in the fall. Alumni and friends who donate to BYU almost always do so because BYU is a kingdom-building entity that blesses lives. The report’s purposes are to express gratitude and to inform on fundraising accomplishments and efforts—specifically the helpful effects of donations on individual students. 

The 2022–2023 issue of the report was from President Kevin J Worthen. It includes articles on how BYU benefits the world, information about BYU’s unique student-centered approach to learning, and stories of students who are participating in academically rigorous programs that are grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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BYU|Fulton College of Engineering

Students Build Home Sweet Green Home on Campus

The Utah Valley Parade of Homes included an unconventional stop this year: BYU campus.

BYU|College of Fine Arts and Communications

BYU Senior Named Student Photographer of the Year

BYU Senior Brooklyn Jarvis Kelson was recently named Student Photographer of the Year by the University Photographers’ Association of America.  


BYU Students Benefiting the World

BYU students working hard to bring about change in their field.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Landlocked BYU Asked to Help Molokai’s Reef

Reefs worldwide are constantly threatened. The Molokai-based conservation nonprofit ‘Āina Momona called on BYU for help.

BYU|Marriott School of Business

BYU’s Next Unicorn? Student Startup Scores $905K

One of BYU’s student startups earned $905k in prize money at a major collegiate business plan competition.  

BYU|College of Humanities

Translating BYU Speeches Helps Launch Student Linguist’s Career

Kika graduated in 2023 and began her career in language services, a culmination of her experiences at home, abroad, and—finally—at BYU. 

BYU student, Ashley Savage, smiling and holding a piece of artwork

BYU|Religious Education Video (1:31)

Foundations of the Restoration

Hundreds of BYU students shared their testimonies through a variety of mediums.

BYU sign saying “Enter to Learn Go Forth to Serve” surrounded by flowers.

BYU|College of Life Sciences

Data May Lead to Cancer Treatments

Biology professors Matthew Bailey and Sam Payne led the largest-ever study on how cancer spreads and affects proteins in the body.  


Mapping Historic Units and Buildings

Can you name the oldest operating meetinghouse in Utah?