BYU Employee Giving

Sharing. Lifting. Inspiring.

Each year, in the month of March, BYU employees go “above and beyond” by supporting deserving students financially through scholarships, paid research opportunities, and other inspiring learning initiatives. This is typical of the sharing, lifting, and inspiring attitude that is the hallmark of BYU employees.

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Sharing. Lifting. Inspiring.

Join in the fun during the BYU Employee Giving Campaign and express appreciation to a fellow BYU employee who exemplifies the employee giving theme of Sharing, Lifting, Inspiring.

All nominees will receive your message of appreciation and you can remain anonymous. Just complete the form and submit!

Deadline to nominate is March 29th.

Nominate a BYU EmployeeView the 2023 Nominations

New BYU Employee Payroll Deduction Web Page Training

See an overview of the updates to the BYU Employee Giving process on the Philanthropies Donation Website.

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Choose where your support will make a difference

You can choose to channel your support through your favorite college, or you can support research, the arts, science, languages, athletics, the library, broadcasting—there are many options. All of them help students and provide inspiring learning opportunities.

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