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BYU-Idaho Legacy Society


A Seed of Hope

To recognize the generosity of donors who provide deferred gifts, Brigham Young University-Idaho created the BYU-Idaho Legacy Society. On November 12, 1888, Brigham Young University-Idaho was dedicated, and on that day, Jacob Spori (the first principal) said, “The seeds we are planting today will grow and become mighty oaks, and their branches will run all over the earth.” The BYU-Idaho Legacy Society was named for the donors who are planting these seeds today. By providing a deferred gift today, you can ensure the success of future students attending Brigham Young University-Idaho for generations to come.

Strength in Numbers

There are currently 307 members in the BYU-Idaho Legacy Society, representing 197 households. Visit this page to learn more about giving opportunities at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

How to Join

The BYU-Idaho Legacy Society is open to any donor who has named Brigham Young University-Idaho in a deferred gift such as a will, a life insurance policy, a gift annuity, or a trust. No minimum gift amount is required to join. As we are notified of the deferred gift, we include the donors in the activities of the society. Visit our membership information page to learn more.

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Calendar Events

Find information about upcoming BYU-Idaho Legacy Society gatherings and events here.

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Online Brochure

View and download the BYU-Idaho Legacy Society brochure to find more information.

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If you leave a deffered gift to BYU-Idaho, you are recognized as a member.

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Giving Opportunities

Learn about the giving opportunities established under Church direction.

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