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I’ve Found New Hope

July 2016

Kari Perry

Learning and growing has always been important to me. I enrolled at LDS Business College in 2000, but I decided to drop out after I got married. Sadly, things didn’t go according to my plans: my marriage ended after 12 years. I was left brokenhearted and overwhelmed with becoming a single mother to my four children. 

Promises of support never materialized, and I quickly realized that I needed to go back to work to provide for my family. Unfortunately, I lacked the education and work experience needed to earn more than minimum wage. I fell to my knees and prayed, asking for guidance. I felt inspired to apply to LDSBC. One day, after picking up my twins from preschool, I received an acceptance letter from LDSBC. That was a tender mercy! My Heavenly Father knew me. He knew of my struggles and my desires. He showed me that I could trust Him and that everything would be okay.

I am now pursuing a degree in LDSBC’s new Social Media Marketing program. Juggling my schedule and my bouts with anxiety continues to be a challenge. It’s hard to find balance with four children at home and coursework to do for school. But with the help of friends and family, my kids are seeing me achieve as I work hard. They are proud of me; we know this will pay off. 

My time at LDSBC is helping me learn the skills I need, but just as important, it is helping me heal and grow. I am grateful for the Horizons of Hope Scholarship I received because it allows me to graduate debt free. That is such a blessing! I hope other single parents like me can see there is help available for them - that there is hope for a new and better life.


Kari Perry

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