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BYU Students Explore a New Reality

March 2019

mixed reality lab

Equipped with a headset and a controller, participants in BYU’s Mixed Reality Lab try to save the lab from a virtual invasion. Their reality is augmented with 3D technology, meaning that digital 3D objects are inserted into their view of the real world. In virtual reality, the environment is completely digital. The lab provides students with the opportunity to work with both.

Located in the Crabtree Building, the Mixed Reality Lab is used to design and prototype mixed-reality experiences. In the lab, students work with the top augmented and virtual reality technology from around the world.

“As someone who wants to be a user experience designer, working in this lab has been an exciting challenge,” said Miah Dawes, one of the first students to take a class in the lab. “I love being part of discovering an emerging technology with such great potential to better lives.”


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