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Alumni Update: Eritai Kateibwi

December 2018

Eritai Kateibwi

Have you heard about Eritai Kateibwi?


Eritai is an alum from Kiribati who “is literally saving his island nation,” says one of his professors.

  • Kiribati is afflicted with limited arable land, irregular rainfall, and rising tides that destroy crops, leaving residents to rely on unhealthy processed foods.
  • At BYU–Hawaii, Eritai discovered hydroponics and developed a project to help his people grow nutritious food and alleviate malnutrition and disease.


Here’s an update on Eritai’s hydroponics project:

  • Over the summer Eritai placed more than 100 hydroponic units with families.
  • Eritai helped one community pool their money to help one family, then rally around another family, then another, until every one could receive a unit.
  • Eritai is also helping families apply for available funds from the Australian Government.

Watch a stunning new video that captures Eritai’s journey of learning and service.

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