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February 2019

Daniel Hernandez Daniel Hernandez

While Daniel was serving as a counselor in his ward’s bishopric, the bishop asked Daniel and his wife to attend a self-reliance fireside. “My wife and I ended up taking the Education for a Better Job class,” says Daniel. For one assignment, they had to research schools, and the teacher told them about BYU-Pathway. After learning more, they decided it was a great option for Daniel to improve both his English and his ability to support
their family.

Two years later, Daniel has completed PathwayConnect and is continuing his education by studying business management online through BYU-Idaho. This experience has greatly improved his ability to speak English and has helped him find a better job. “I’m still a truck driver, but before I went through BYU-Pathway, I worked for a company in California; now I work locally,” says Daniel. “My job is better because I have better benefits for my family and I’m at home every night. Before, I was gone five days of the week.”

Learning English was crucial for Daniel’s progress. Born and raised in Mexico, Daniel struggled with English, but a structured environment helped him grow in confidence and ability. In the weekly gatherings, students are asked to lead the class and participate in discussions. “Pathway helped me to not be scared to speak because in our gatherings we had to speak English all the time,” says Daniel. “This gave me the confidence to use the English I was learning in BYU-Pathway. Now when I talk to others at work, I tell them to go to BYU-Pathway and improve their lives. I probably tell people that three or four times
a week.”

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