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Area Spotlight - Brazil

February 2019


Brazil’s Education Boom

Silvio Guimaraes Silvio Guimarães

A recent study by Catho, a Brazilian employment company, states that mastering the English language can mean a salary increase of up to 61 percent. “We try to get the students to understand how the English and soft skills taught here will help them get better jobs and interview better,” says Silvio Guimarães, Brazil area Pathway manager.

“If you asked me why we’re having so much success in Brazil,” says Silvio, “I would say it’s because, number one, the program is great. People are really seeing a change in their lives. Number two, the Area Presidency is behind us; people feel confident that this is really coming from the Lord. Finally, we have a lot of support from BYU-Pathway Worldwide headquarters.”

A dose of confidence and the ability to speak English are just two of the ways the Lord is helping His Saints through BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

Sharing the Fruits

Marcio Romero Marcio Romero

For Marcio Romero of São Luís, Brazil, BYU-Pathway Worldwide has been about more than just obtaining an education. “It draws me closer to God,” he says. “Now I know how to pray, read the scriptures, and study the gospel. My testimony of Jesus Christ has grown because BYU-Pathway has motivated me to look for Him.”

Marcio works in maritime navigation and uses English, the universal shipping language, every day. He started learning English with his American mission companions but says that he didn’t become proficient until working through the BYU-Pathway program. “Now I am confident with my English, and I don’t want to stop talking!” he says.

Now serving as a BYU-Pathway missionary, Marcio works tirelessly to spread the message. “I talk to people about BYU-Pathway every week; I try to explain what it can do for them,” says Marcio. “I want to spread BYU-Pathway to the entire world.”

BYU-Pathway Is for Everybody

Wesley Santana Wesley Santana

As a small business owner in São Paolo, Brazil, Wesley Santana says BYU-Pathway has helped him be more successful. “I’ve never been great with numbers,” explains Wesley. “I’m a humanities guy and teach linguistics. When I had the math semester, I got a very good grade. I didn’t expect that.” He graduated last year and loved it so much that he’s now serving as a missionary. “This year is my wife’s turn to study, and I’ll start my online degree program when she’s done,” says Wesley.

While serving as a BYU-Pathway missionary, Wesley shares his passion for the program with everyone. “Whether I’m talking to an old retired man or a young single mother, I can honestly say BYU-Pathway is for everybody,” he says. Wesley shows that when members study in BYU-Pathway, they’re not only getting more skills for a better career but also serving better in their homes and in the Church.

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