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What is the Pulling Together for Greatness campaign?

Pulling Together for Greatness is a fundraising campaign that invites you to help our students by making a donation to the university’s scholarship and financial aid programs. We encourage all university faculty and staff, PCC employees, and students to give—no matter the size of the gift. By pulling together we can make a difference.

Hukilau Spirit

The Hukilau Way

You may feel like you don’t have a lot to give, but when everyone pulls together we can make a difference. It’s the hukilau way.

You know, like in “The Hukilau Song”—people work together to cast big fishing nets into the ocean and then pull them to shore. Everyone helps a little, they catch a lot more fish than if they work alone, and they have plenty to share with the community.

At BYU–Hawaii we are using the spirit of the hukilau to help students in need. But instead of pulling nets, we are pooling donations, and instead of catching fish, we are helping students catch hold of their dreams.Who do my gifts benefit?

Who do my gifts benefit?

Watch stories of students who have been blessed by Pulling Together for Greatness.

As a BYU–Hawaii or PCC employee, why should I give?

In his inaugural address, President Tanner described BYU–Hawaii as “a university that is intended to be not only ‘a school in Zion’ (D&C 97:3) but a Zion university—a place where people from many nations learn together in purity, peace, unity, and love.”

In Hawaii, much of what it means to be a Zion community is embodied by the spirit of aloha and ‘ohana. We can exemplify that spirit in many ways, both big and small. One way, as taught by King Benjamin, is to “impart of the substance that ye have one to another” (Mosiah 4:21).

The Pulling Together for Greatness campaign challenges each of us to show our love and support for students by donating to scholarship and financial aid programs. If we pull together, our combined effort will immeasurably bless many students. Beyond meeting temporal needs, if we are united in our giving, a greater spirit of aloha will permeate our community and bring us closer to Zion.

When I give, where does my money go?


The IWORK program is 90 percent funded by charitable donations from university faculty and staff, PCC employees, students, and friends of the university. IWORK provides international students with much-needed assistance—while teaching self-reliance and responsibility—through a personalized mix of family contributions, part-time work, grants, and forgivable loans.

Other Programs

You may also want to give to one of the other donor-supported programs that support our students, such as online distance learning, the Center for English Language Learning, the general scholarship fund, or the Trustees and President’s Fund.

How can I give?

There are several ways you can make a donation to support our students. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Rebecca Millard at or 801-356-5212.


Click the link below to make a donation using your credit or debit card.

Give Now


Call 1-800-525-8074 to make a donation using your credit card, debit card, or bank account.

Paycheck deduction:

As a BYU–Hawaii or PCC employee, you can make automatic monthly donations through pre-tax payroll deductions.

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If you would like to adjust an existing paycheck deduction, please contact Rebecca Millard at or 801-356-5212.

Cash or Check

Download a form and follow the instructions to make a donation by cash or check.

Download Donation Form

We Invite You to Give


Recently the Polynesian Cultural Center adopted the motto “One ‘ohana sharing aloha.” This phrase can also describe the symbiotic relationship between BYU–Hawaii and PCC.

Perhaps the strongest link between BYU–Hawaii and PCC is the students. They are vital to the mission, character, and success of each institution. Many of our students are here thanks to scholarships and financial aid. The Pulling Together for Greatness campaign is an opportunity for us as a BYU–Hawaii and PCC ‘ohana to give them our love and support.

We encourage you to make a donation today. No gift is too small. Every dollar counts. We can make a difference when we pull together.


President, BYU–Hawaii

President, Polynesian Cultural Center