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When Walter Barrus experienced devastating hardships, Brigham Young University helped transform his life for the better. Margaret Barrus’s BYU degree, earned later in life, opened doors for her as a computer programmer. Today, they are using a planned gift to improve the lives of others at BYU and beyond.

Thank you for supporting students with your donations to BYU-Pathway Worldwide. I am sincerely grateful for your consecration and generosity.

When Kika Londoño was eight years old, her family moved from Utah to Colombia for a year and a half. During this formative time, she came to love Latin America and the Spanish language.

The Packers embody the idea that one need not possess immense wealth to make a difference; it is the willingness to sacrifice and the desire to help that matter.

The mission of BYU-Idaho is “to develop disciples of Jesus Christ who lead in their homes, the Church, and their communities.”

“I hope others know how much I appreciate this school,” he says. “It has totally changed my trajectory in life."

“I love applying my design skills to the real world—seeing how neat everything turns out and drawing 3D art on paper,” Schurger shares.