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Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

Donor advised funds (DAFs) have become a popular way of supporting charities while exercising more control and input than is available with an outright gift. Like a Support Organization, a donor advised fund is regarded as a public charity. It tends to be more flexible than a Private Foundation. The Church's donor advised fund allows you to give your cash or marketable securities at a time that is advantageous for tax purposes, allowing you later to decide which charities you would like to support. You may give all of the proceeds from the fund to the Church and its institutions, or you may choose to give up to 60 percent to other charities of your choice.

The typical donor:

Gift features and benefits:

How Do I Make a Gift Using a Donor Advised Fund?

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A donor advised fund for the Church and its institutions is administered by the Deseret Trust Company. You sign appropriate documents or complete an online application, and then transfer cash or marketable securities to Deseret Trust Company. When ready, you and those family members you select advise Deseret Trust Company as to those charitable causes that you wish to receive income and any principal you desire to give. Your decisions may differ from year to year. You should be sure your financial and legal advisors are part of your gift strategy team. Use of a donor advised fund is only effective as a part of an overall financial and estate plan. The professional staff at Philanthropies can assist you and your advisors in participating in the donor advised fund.

Other Facts You Should Know about a Donor Advised Fund

There are many advantages of a donor advised fund:

There are also some disadvantages of a donor advised fund:

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