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Putting Students to Work

January 2024

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Young Latina holding a graduation cap and yellow graduation sash.
“This job means the world to me. It gave me hope that I never expected to have. With the opportunity to work remotely, I am fulfilling two dreams: raising my children and pursuing a career.”
—Priscilla Aquilini

In an October 2022 meeting with donors, President Brian K. Ashton said, “To properly support our students, we must complement everything we’ve already done [with curriculum and scholarships] by finding them jobs.”

To meet that need, BYU-Pathway has formed the Career Advisory Board to help students find jobs that not only pay them living wages but also invest in their professional development.

The board, currently comprising 17 service missionaries, works to provide PathwayConnect students with entry-level work, followed by degree-specific jobs for students working on certificates. The goal is for graduating students to have jobs that will launch their careers.

One such BYU-Pathway student employee is Priscilla Aquilini from Brazil. Priscilla left her job as an international trade analyst to be a full-time mother. But after having three children, she started picking up housekeeping work to help make ends meet.

That’s when Priscilla enrolled in BYU-Pathway in hopes of finding a balance between career and family. She paid for one semester at a time as she could afford it, having faith that she could find a way to finish her degree.

With BYU-Pathway’s help, Priscilla found a remote job that helps her pay tuition and also learn and apply career skills. She started as a customer care agent and was promoted to customer care team lead— the company’s first team lead to work remotely. As the Career Advisory Board grows, more students will reap the blessings of uplifting work.

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