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Thanks to you, people throughout the world have a path to a better life.

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Available anywhere in the world, BYU-Pathway Worldwide provides access to quality higher education within a spiritually based environment.

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Through donations to the BYU-Pathway Worldwide Fund, thousands of students around the world are blessed with the opportunity to obtain an education in a spiritually based environment and gain better employment. BYU-Pathway Worldwide has more than 41,000 students at over 500 Pathway sites in more than 100 countries.

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BYU-Pathway Worldwide Fund

This fund lets BYU-Pathway address current student aid needs where they are greatest around the world.

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“It is a miracle that we can say today that BYU-Pathway is a school in Zion, wherever Zion is.”

- Elder Kim B. Clark
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President Clark G. Gilbert

BYU-Pathway Worldwide President's Report

In describing his family’s journey through the wilderness, Nephi said, “And we did travel and wade through much affliction.” Yet, in the very next verse, he marvels at the great blessings the Lord placed upon them.

Nephi’s experience feels a lot like our current circumstances. We are living in a time unlike any other. 2020 has been one of unprecedented worldwide challenges. And yet I find myself marveling at the many blessings the Lord has provided for His children, particularly through BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

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