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2023 Fall PLC Meetings Summary

In 2023, the Fall PLC Meetings were held in Laie, Hawaii, and marked the first gathering for the new President’s Leadership Council at BYU–Hawaii.

BYU‍–‍Hawaii’s Career Services team shared information on internships for BYU‍–‍Hawaii’s international student population, how work-study programs like IWORK align with student needs, and where there is still room to grow. Students also shared how their internships helped them develop academically and spiritually.

President John S.K. Kauwe III opened a discussion on ways that PLC members can help BYU‍–‍Hawaii students with more internship opportunities in their home countries.

This session explored possibilities for improving campus resources and different ways the PLC can develop and optimize IWORK funding.

At this business meeting, a student spoke about her experience in President Kauwe’s class for freshmen: Holokai Foundations, Encouraging Student Kuleana. Updates were also shared by BYU‍–‍Hawaii leadership on new structures coming to campus and how these upgrades will improve the student experience at BYU‍–‍Hawaii.

During an evening at the Polynesian Cultural Center, President Kauwe and PCC’s President P. Alfred Grace spoke on the significance of PCC employing BYU‍–‍Hawaii IWORK students and sharing different cultures with visitors from around the world.