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Haley Rogers running in a track meet

BYU Video (1:50)

Making a Statement

Video: Haley Rogers had never heard of BYU. But when she lost both of her parents in high school and BYU offered an athletic scholarship, she knew Provo was the right place to go.

Two young adults and a young girl holding a violin.

BYU Video (3:11)

Student-Created Device Helps Young Violinist

Adia Cardona is a 10-year-old violinist who has exceptional skill for her age and the determination to match it. The young Provo girl also has just one hand.

Michelle Call

BYU Video (2:37)

Cultivating a Giving Heart

Video: Michelle Call was inspired to give by other donors who gave even when they didn’t have much to give. As an undergraduate food science student at BYU, she heard a story about Jon Huntsman, Sr., who, donated money to those in need long before he became wealthy. Call realized then that giving is not about how much money you have; it’s about cultivating a giving heart.

male professor and female BYU student in a grass-filled meadow with butterfly nets, she is holding a dragonfly

BYU Video (3:54)

BYU Biologists Seek to Create First Dragonfly Family Tree

Video: The BYU team’s goal is to piece together the first-ever phylogenic (genealogical) tree of all 6,300 known dragonfly species and their ancestors.

female BYU student wearing a blue ballcap standing in a river collecting a water sample with a large syringe

BYU Video (3:00)

Studying the Runoff Effects of an Environmental Double Whammy

Video: In October 2018, BYU students had the rare chance to observe how back-to-back extreme events influenced water quality and quantity in Utah County.

bright green outlines of trees and sidewalks on the left fading into BYU’s Joseph F. Smith Building on the right

BYU Video (3:18)

BYU Engineering Team Virtually Recreates Campus

Video: Using drone-captured and ground images and applying GPS systems for accuracy, a civil engineering student assembled a 3D model of the BYU campus.

BYU film’s title, Salt, with red-hued sunset, four small boats on a lake, and two mounds of salt on the seashore

BYU Video (2:37)

Prestigious Film Festival Screens Animated BYU Film

Video: Salt , which was directed and produced by BYU students, was screened at the 2021 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

Old man and young woman with a baby in Cambodia, the man’s personal history is among thousands preserved by BYU

BYU Video (6:34)

Cambodian Histories Preserved by BYU Researchers

Video:BYU professors and students are gathering stories from survivors of life under the Khmer Rouge regime.

male BYU student wearing blue gloves works on a 10-centimeter cube satellite which was launched into space by NASA

BYU Video (3:25)

BYU Students Build and Launch “Selfie Cam” with NASA

Video:More than 60 students over a five-year period helped build the inexpensive 10-centimeter CubeSat.

head of life-like mechanical cougar created by BYU students

BYU Video (3:01)

BYU Students Create Animatronic Cougar

Video:Designed to introduce plays and similar events, “Cosmotron,” as he is fondly known, will bring added school spirit to BYU performances.

Snowcapped mountains of South Georgia Island at sunrise with choppy ocean in foreground

BYU Video (2:28)

Student Engineers Are Renowned Iceberg Trackers

Video:BYU—despite being landlocked in a state thousands of miles from the South Pole—has become a world leader in iceberg tracking.

male professor and female BYU student looking at quinoa plants in a greenhouse

BYU Video (3:16)

Feeding the World with Hybrid Quinoa

Video:Teams of BYU students and their faculty mentors are enriching the world with nutritious, growable grain.

Serving others

Missionary Video (1:18)

If You Cannot Go, Send

Jesus was the master teacher. He spent much of His time preparing His disciples to take His gospel of love to the world.

Jesus feeding the masses

Humanitarian Video (1:31)

I Was Hungry and Ye Fed Me

Hunger affects the most vulnerable people in our world, people who cannot help themselves. Following the example of Christ, many people just like you donate to help the poor and needy of the world.

Jesus healing children

Humanitarian Video (:58)

Suffer the Little Children

Each year, donations to Humanitarian Services, Church-owned schools, and other worthy causes help children to be healthy, happy, and prepared to work and serve in their respective communities.

Paula Madison family

FamilySearch Video (2:44)

No Longer Lost

After learning about FamilySearch, Paula Madison very quickly found her grandfather and his Chinese wife and children. After digging deeper and travelling to China, Paula no longer felt lost and was relieved that her mother was now claimed.

oral history

FamilySearch Video (3:25)

Oral Histories Project Saving Families

FamilySearch is collecting and preserving oral histories and oral genealogies in Africa. With the younger generation leaving African villages for larger cities, some family histories may not be passed to future generations unless we preserve them now.

Eritai Kateibwi

BYU-Hawaii Video (3:13)

Young Champion of the Earth

Eritai, a BYU–Hawaii alum from Kiribati, is using hydroponics to alleviate malnutrition and disease in his home country, and the United Nations recognized him for his effort with the Young Champion of the Earth award.

Children at school in the Philippines

Humanitarian Video (4:58)

Salvaging Education in the Slums of the Philippines

Education programs in the Philippines are helping children rise out of the dumps. Thousands of children in the Philippines spend their childhood sifting through mountains of garbage seeking income selling recyclables.

Two Philippine children

Humanitarian Video (3:38)

Getting Orphans Into the Right Van

Orphanage organizations are working to stop human trafficking. They find and protect children, provide health care, and open doors to a better life.


Ensign College Video (3:01)

Education with a Higher Purpose

LDSBC is a community of students who succeed at a high level, empowered by the Spirit and expanded opportunities.

Ruby Berntsen

Ensign College Video (1:28)

Ruby’s Pivot

A scholarship at LDSBC enabled Ruby Berntsen to gain the education needed to enact the changes she hopes to see in herself.

Cuahtil Lozada

Ensign College Video (1:37)

Cuahtil’s New Start

An LDSBC returned missionary scholarship helped Cuauhtil Lozada start a new life and recognize his true potential.

Ephram Smith

BYU-Hawaii Video (2:37)

The Lord is Building Me Up

Ethiopian orphan Ephrem Smith finds love and a sense of belonging at BYU–Hawaii, being surrounded by people with similar hopes, values, passions, and dreams.

World Map

FamilySearch Video (5:06)

Church Preserves Precious Records

Paper records dating back to the early 1800s are disintegrating at an alarming rate due to poor storage conditions, heat and humidity and frequent handling.

From Humble Beginnings

Missionary Video (4:29)

From Humble Beginnings

See many of the sacred sites of the Restoration through the eyes of children.

Elizabeth Ramsay

BYU-Hawaii Video (3:59)

Heaven-Sent Angels

Video: BYU–Hawaii student Elizabeth Ramsay is from the tiny village of Holonga in the Kingdom of Tonga. However, these humble circumstances have not kept Elizabeth from dreaming big, aiming high, and looking beyond herself to bless others, both temporally and spiritually.



Gift Planning Videos

Quick explanations of important charitable tools in video format.


Missionary Video (2:39)

Making Missions Possible: Jacqueline's Story

Each year, the General Missionary Fund assists more than 22,000 missionaries from 120 countries with a portion of their mission expenses. Jacqueline Dizon from the Philippines is one of those missionaries.


Missionary Video (4:06)

Elder Ramirez - Serving in Idaho

At age 24, Fernando Ramirez put his goal to become a pilot on hold for two years to serve a full-time mission for the Church. Donations to the general missionary fund, make it possible for Elder Ramirez and thousands of other missionaries around the world to serve the Lord.


Missionary Video (3:31)

Sister Antunes - Serving with Joy

A mission call to the United States was the last thing Sister Antunes expected. Now she’s sharing her infectious testimony in Park City, Utah. Donations to the general missionary fund make it possible for Sister Antunes and thousands of other missionaries around the world to serve the Lord in the mission field.

Missionaries Expressions of Gratitude

Missionary Video (1:34)

Making Missions Possible: Expressions of Gratitude

Last year, nearly 24,000 missionaries were trained at the 14 international MTCs, which provide training to native speakers in 18 languages and second language training in nine languages. An equal number were trained in the Provo, Utah MTC, where missionaries come from 155 countries and learn 55 languages. Here are a few of their expressions of gratitude.


Missionary Video (2:51)

Making Missions Possible: Marina's Story

THIRD IN A SERIES: Sister Marina Andrade needed help from donations to the General Missionary Fund. She also needed an answer to prayer when forced to return home to Brazil in a wheelchair.


Missionary Video (3:44)

First Groups of Missionaries Complete Training at Mexico Training Center

Mormon missionaries recently trained at the new Mexico Missionary Training Center (MTC) will put their newly-acquired Spanish skills to use as they head to assigned missions in the United States and around the world.


Missionary Video (2:42)

Making Missions Possible: Nicole's Story

SECOND IN A SERIES: Every year, the General Missionary Fund assists more than 22,000 missionaries from 120 countries with a portion of their mission expenses. Nicole Alvine from Cameroon was educated in France and then decided to serve a mission.


Missionary Video (3:46)

Sister Batista – Finding Strength in the Lord

An injury in a traffic accident slowed Sister Batista down, but couldn’t stop her from sharing her irrepressible testimony. Donations to the general missionary fund make it possible for Sister Batista and thousands of other missionaries around the world to serve the Lord in the mission field.


Missionary Video (02:17)

Making Missions Possible: The Australian

A prompting received by a sister missionary at General Conference leads to a referral. She spent weeks trying to contact the referral with no success. Imagine her when she meets a stranger from Australia, whom is the very person she has been trying to contact.


Missionary Video (2:54)

Making Missions Possible: Jasmina’s Story

Sister Back feels very honored and fortunate to serve her mission on Temple Square. One of 222 sisters there, she feels she is walking on sacred grounds every day. From Finland, Sister Back gained a desire to serve a mission when she saw the gospel change the life of a friend.

Sister Alvine

Missionary Video (2:42)

Moving the Work Forward

Because of generous donations to the General Missionary Fund, nearly 24,000 need-based missionaries have received training in one of the 14 international missionary training centers (MTCs). An equal number were trained in the Provo MTC, where missionaries come from 155 countries and learn in 55 languages.


BYU-Hawaii Video (3:17)

Finding the Loves of His Life in Laie

Nelson, a BYU–Hawaii IWORK student from Tahiti who works at the Polynesian Cultural Center, says he found the two loves of his life in Laie: his passion for art and graphic design and his wife, Rahei.


BYU-Hawaii Video (4:13)

From Child Laborer to Child Liberator

Sery, an IWORK student from the Ivory Coast, was abandoned and forced into child labor at a young age. He found his way to BYU-Hawaii, and his experience there inspired and empowered him to return to his country and help children who are suffering the same circumstances that he endured.


BYU-Hawaii Video (1:42)

Tennis and faith: Andy's Story

Andy was a well-known tennis player in China with a lot going for him. Deep inside he always had questions about faith.

RJ Gualberto

BYU-Hawaii Video (2:22)

Opening Doors of Opportunity

RJ, a BYU-Hawaii IWORK student from the Philippines, went from imitating artwork from Church magazines to studying art in Paris and New York thanks to scholarships and internships.


BYU-Hawaii Video (2:22)

Finding a Way and Forging a Path for Others to Follow

Battsey, a BYU-Hawaii student from Mongolia who is studying accounting, took English courses online before coming to campus. She is now an online mentor for students back home and an IWORK student.”


BYU-Hawaii Video (1:33)

Weak Things Become Strong

Kazu, a BYU-Hawaii student from Japan, struggled to learn English as a high school student. His desire to attend BYU–Hawaii motivated him to study hard, and he finished in the top of his class. Now he is enjoying opportunities he didn’t imagine were possible.

Raife Campbell

BYU-Hawaii Video (3:06)

At BYU-Hawaii, Raife Honed the Traits He Needs to Reach His Potential

Raife, a BYU–Hawaii student from Australia, strives to stretch himself and achieve his potential through opportunities to develop communication, relationship-building, and leadership skills.


BYU-Hawaii Video (2:55)

Polly Finds Happiness in a Gospel-Centered Education

Polly Mak had a dream about education and religion. Her odyssey took her from Hong Kong to Laie, Hawaii where donors helped her take her dream to reality.


BYU-Hawaii Video (12:12)

I See a School

At his inauguration, President John S. Tanner spoke powerfully on the inspired mission and purpose of BYU-Hawaii.

Jone Temo

BYU-Hawaii Video (2:31)

One of Nine: Faith and Examples Lead Fijian to Laie

Jone, a BYU–Hawaii student from Fiji, speaks of how the Lord took care of his family after his father passed away. He has learned peace building and made friends from around the world at BYU–Hawaii.


BYU-Hawaii Video (2:20)

Yoko follows dream of attending university

Yoko, a BYU-Hawaii student from Hong Kong, says her faith left her homeless but not hopeless. It took her 10 years to become a student. She says she learns and grows so she can better give and serve.

Siniteke Fotu

BYU-Hawaii Video (1:27)

Setting an Example

Meet Siniteke Fotu, an IWORK student from Tonga. As the oldest of 11 children, Teke has been the example for her younger siblings by finishing high school, serving a full-time mission, and attending college. Her father is a humble farmer, but she is able to attend BYU-Hawaii thanks to support from generous donors. After graduating she plans to return home and work in government.”


BYU-Hawaii Video (1:37)


Nanako, a student from Japan student prays to know about Heavenly Father's plan for her future. She finds her answer at BYU-Hawaii.


BYU-Hawaii Video (2:11)

The road to leadership: Uli from Tonga

Uli, a BYU-Hawaii art student and sculptor from Tonga, says his school experience and Church callings in Laie helped him develop leadership skills that will bless him and his family.


BYU-Hawaii Video (1:38)

Kalavati: From Fiji to BYU-Hawaii

Going to BYU-Hawaii from Fiji was one of the most unique blessings that Kalavati had ever experienced.


BYU-Hawaii Video (2:05)

Taking these blessings back to Tonga

Ruby hopes to use her BYU-Hawaii education to make a small difference in the lives of people back home in Tonga.


BYU-Hawaii Video (1:55)

Denzil Kumar of Fiji studies music through IWORK at BYU-Hawaii

After he obtains his degree in music at Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Denzil Kumar hopes to return to Fiji to teach music to others like him, who want to work in the field of music.


BYU-Hawaii Video (4:44)

"Angels We Have Heard On High" - BYU-Hawaii Choir

Celebrate Christmas this year with BYU-Hawaii and their choir singing "Angels We Have Heard On High."

Raife Campbell

BYU-Hawaii Video (3:07)

Discover Your Potential and Become an Instrument in the Lord’s Hands

Raife Cambell's mission launched him into new patterns of life and learning, and launched a desire for additional education. This led him to BYU Hawaii, where he built upon the tools he had gained serving the Lord. He also met his wife. He credits donors with blessing his life. Discover how you can become a blessing in the lives of students like Raife.


BYU-Hawaii Video (2:21)

IWORK gives Carrie a second chance

Carrie, from New Zealand, is an IWORK student at BYU-Hawaii who works at the Polynesian Cultural Center. She is grateful and wants to share what she has learned with her family at home.


BYU-Hawaii Video (2:18)

Jin Hua Ho of China

Jin Hua Ho, a Chinese convert reaps blessings from his Church membership. He discovers that doors open to family relationships, a mission, and most recently an educational opportunity at BYU-Hawaii—made possible by generous donors.


BYU-Hawaii Video (2:21)

Ji lost everything before he found what he really wanted

After making his way from the Korean orphanage where he spent most of his childhood, Ji found new faith, and then a fresh start at BYU-Hawaii.


BYU-Hawaii Video (3:44)

IWORK Aid Helps Thailand Student

Thailand student gets donor-funded IWORK financial aid to help fund a culturally-fulfilling and educationally-rewarding experience at BYU-Hawaii.


BYU-Idaho Video (0:46)

Planned Giving

A special type of charitable gift called a planned gift can pass along tax benefits and values to your heirs.


BYU-Idaho Video (1:56)

Illustrating a Pathway

Ashley Smith got a clear vision of what she was going to do in her life at BYU-Idaho. Her scholarship helped turn her illustration training into a creative and viable business.


BYU-Idaho Video (2:45)

Pathway in Ghana: Adeola's Story

The most important factor that helps people move to a better life is education. But education is such a struggle In West Africa. It is very expensive. Eighty percent of the population cannot afford higher education. Today, BYU-Idaho is breaking down those barriers with a new online program called Pathway. Watch this video about Adeola's experience as a student in the Pathway program.


BYU-Idaho Video (5:05)

Wilde about Pathway

What happens when the parents of five children both realize their education is insufficient? Can they drop everything and go back to school?


BYU-Idaho Video (4:36)

BYU-Idaho Improves the Quality Experience of its Students

President Clark shares how BYU-Idaho prepares students to become disciple leaders in their homes, at church, and throughout the world. He invites you to join in blessing the lives of students.


BYU-Idaho Video (2:21)

The BYU-Idaho Experience Prepares Students to Succeed

May is a natural leader. Her work ethic and values landed her a key job at a prestigious digital media company.


BYU-Idaho Video (2:54)

Here's Where Your Gift Goes

Ever wonder what happened to the money you gave to BYU-Idaho? We think it was money well spent, but don't take our word for it. Watch and see.


BYU-Idaho Video (6:19)

New Educational Program Is Providing Opportunity for Thousands Worldwide

In addition to the obvious educational and career benefits Pathway can provide, perhaps the most valuable aspect of this program for participants is the spiritual nourishment that comes through regular gospel study and the association of fellow students.


Humanitarian Video (2:58)

Church Provides Furniture to Utah Ronald McDonald House

Humanitarian outreach by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is benefiting many people throughout the country through dozens of non-profit organizations in Utah and surrounding states.


Humanitarian Video (3:39)

Looking Back on Relief Efforts in Chile: 2010 Earthquake Response

After the devastating 2010 earthquake in Santiago, Chile, LDS Charities helped citizens find water, food, and shelter.


Humanitarian Video (4:56)

Madera Miracle

When Jamie Hansen arrived at the vineyard on Christmas Day, he found something totally unexpected... the fields were full of Church members from the Madera Spanish Ward pruning the vines. They had given up their Christmas to serve the Savior on His holy day.

Nadia wheelchair

Humanitarian Video (2:40)

The Moment I Was Shot I Knew I Would Never Walk Again

Millions of Syrian refugees have been impacted by the Syrian civil war that broke out in 2011. Watch and listen to Nadia’s story; A 12 year old Syrian refugee child who, while fleeing Syria, was shot in the back and paralyzed.


Humanitarian Video (4:09)

Be the Someone

Naima spent her entire childhood in a refugee camp in Kenya. Now she has a Master’s in Social Work and is making a difference in the lives of families, helping and lifting others as she was helped and lifted.


Humanitarian Video (:59)

Clean Water in Guatemala

Clean Water in Guatemala


Humanitarian Video (5:48)

Neonatal Care in South America

Elder Holland talks about the universal joy of motherhood and birth, and the blessings to both provided by neonatal resuscitation training.


Humanitarian Video (1:45:44)

Mormon Representatives Discuss Church Humanitarian Efforts at the United Nations

Representatives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints addressed the role of the Church’s global humanitarian outreach efforts at a meeting at the United Nations in New York City on 27 February 2014. The gathering was part of the Focus on Faith series of the Nongovernmental Organizations (NGO) Relations and Advocacy Section of the U.N.’s Department of Public Information (DPI).


Humanitarian Video (4:12)

Hope in the World

LDS Charities provides hygiene training and clean water wells for hundreds of sites in impoverished Sierra Leone.


Humanitarian Video (2:09)

My Hero

Ten years ago on 9/11, most of us were focused on the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City. But Liz Howell was focused on the Pentagon, 228 miles away in Washington, D.C. That's where her husband, Brady, had just landed his dream job in national security following graduate school. Liz tells about her tragic loss and her touching recovery.


Humanitarian Video (3:45)

Mormons, Other Groups Work Together on Oklahoma Tornado Cleanup

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are working with other religious groups and charity organizations to assist victims of a tornado that tore up to a two-mile-wide by 17-mile-long swath of destruction through the city of Moore, Oklahoma, on 20 May. The tornado claimed 24 lives and injured nearly 400 others.


Humanitarian Video (1:12)

The Widow’s Mite

The Widow’s Mite


Humanitarian Video (8:03)

Filmmaker Shows Why Mormons Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

Joshua Brown, a Church member in the New York area made a video to document the relief efforts and to encourage more volunteers to help.


Humanitarian Video (1:07)

Syrian Blankets Donated

Civil strife in Syria has brought about 200,000 people to live in camps. When asked what they needed, they had one request.


Humanitarian Video (3:54)

Moore, Oklahoma, Woman Leaves For Mormon Mission in Wake of Tornado

Forty years ago, Glenn Orr built the Orr Family Farm, a farm-themed amusement park and horse stables that attract thousands of visitors each year from Oklahoma and beyond. But when a powerful tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma, on 20 May, the Orr Family Farm was decimated. Amid the chaos and cleanup, family member Shelby Orr is leaving for 18 months of service as a Mormon missionary.


Humanitarian Video (3:00)

Mormon Volunteers Building Homes for Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Several months after a devastating typhoon struck the Philippines, relief efforts by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) continue in some of the hardest hit areas of the country. Disaster response has now turned to relief efforts as volunteers are learning to build homes for residents still without shelter.


Humanitarian Video (2:24)

Humanitarian Overview

Emergency Response is a key component of the overall LDS Charities mission. This unique infographic video shows the annual impact of the life-saving efforts of the LDS Church.


Humanitarian Video (3:22)

Riqui's Wheelchair

Riqui traveled eight-kilometers twice each day in a broken wheelchair. See how a brand-new rugged wheelchair donated through LDS Charities changed his life.


Humanitarian Video (3:45)

Mormon Missionaries Bid Farewell to Colleagues After Typhoon Haiyan

More than 200 Mormon missionaries serving in the Philippines Tacloban Mission were displaced by the 8 November 2013 Typhoon Haiyan. All of those missionaries, apart from some who have concluded their mission service, are now filling new assignments in one of 11 other missions in the islands.


Humanitarian Video (3:37)

Mayerlinth's Mobility

A young woman receives a set of prosthetic legs that enable her to walk again after being struck by a vehicle over 10 years ago


Humanitarian Video (3:07)

Coming Together to Provide Aid to Refugees in Europe

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is continuing its long-standing partnership with international humanitarian organizations to tend to the dire needs of refugees entering Europe. Support is underway to provide food, shelter, clothing and medical supplies and other life-sustaining necessities.


Humanitarian Video (4:32)

A Thousand Days

By digging wells and boreholes in drought-stricken countries of Africa, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helps provide health and happiness to entire villages.


Humanitarian Video (3:05)

Improving Access to Vision Care

Improving Access to Vision Care


Humanitarian Video (3:12)

Wheelchair Wonder Boy!

Zack’s Shack fundraising effort has now blessed 332 lives with mobility worldwide.


Philanthropies Video (3:21)

Donors Bless Lives

President Thomas S. Monson teaches: “No one has learned the meaning of living until he has surrendered his ego to the service of his fellow man. Service to others is akin to duty, the fulfillment of which brings true joy.”

All I Needed video

Philanthropies Video (1:45)

Self-Reliance Means Turning to God

To bless the lives of others requires us to achieve a level of self-reliance. Sometimes, however, the very act of sacrificing and serving others can strengthen our capacity to provide for ourselves and others.

For Such a Time as This

Philanthropies Video (2:35)

For Such a Time as This

Just as Esther showed her faith by standing up for the Jews, we show our faith by following the example Jesus Christ set by loving and lifting one another. (Esther 1-4)


Philanthropies Video (1:12)

A Modern Twist on an Age-Old Story

Whether in your neighborhood or across the globe. It is for people like you - givers like you - that we share this modern twist on the age-old story of The Widow’s Mite. We hope you enjoy this short film and accept with it our heartfelt appreciation.


Philanthropies Video (1:16)

One Minute Guide to Donor Advised Fund

Donor advised funds are a simple, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving. Even those who give modest charitable donations may involve and teach their family life-long habits and values.


Philanthropies Video (1:43)

How to Raise a Family of Philanthropists

The president of Deseret Trust Company invites you to learn about their donor advised fund. It’s a personal approach to charitable giving that allows you to involve children and grandchildren in the decision-making process. In 90 seconds, David G. Moore will explain how you can use this fund to teach family values and build the kingdom.


Philanthropies Video (1:59)

Mother, the Great Teacher

This Mother’s Day we add our tribute to the women who follow prophetic counsel to learn all they can. Who better to educate than mothers whose knowledge and understanding influences generations.

Michelle Call

BYU Video (2:37)

Cultivating a Giving Heart

Michelle Call was inspired to give by other donors who gave even when they didn’t have much to give. As an undergraduate food science student at BYU, she heard a story about Jon Huntsman, Sr., who, donated money to those in need long before he became wealthy. Call realized then that giving is not about how much money you have; it’s about cultivating a giving heart.


Philanthropies Video (3:34)

The Polynesian Cultural Center Celebrates 50 Years

PCC performers celebrate 50 years at the Days of '47 annual parade in 2012.


Ensign College Video (1:56)

Megan Took A Leap of Faith and Found Her Future

Megan Boone's donor-funded scholarship helped pay for a one-year program at LDS Business College that helped snag a full-time job in a weak economy.

LDSBC building

Ensign College Video (1:01)

You Won't Believe What's Happening at LDS Business College

A top U.S. recruiting firm recently partnered with three of America’s best schools to provide better candidates for their Fortune 500 clients—like American Express, Wells Fargo, and AT&T. The three schools they selected? Cornell, Harvard, and LDS Business College. Why is everyone paying so much attention to the BC? Watch the video to find out.


Ensign College Video (1:49)

Olivia's Story

When Olivia was injured, her dream of becoming a ballerina was over. With prayer and the help of a scholarship, she was able to find a new path.


Ensign College Video (2:48)

Grateful Student Finds Fast Track to Career

Magen Boone's scholarship helped pay for a one-year program at LDS Business College that snagged an internship and then a full-time job in a weak economy.


Ensign College Video (1:49)

Student finds future through LDSBC

Student finds future through LDSBC


Ensign College Video (4:22)

How LDSBC is Making a Difference in Students' Lives

LDS Business College can accelerate the dreams of students in an environment cultivated for learning.


Ensign College Video (1:40)

Making Most of Education

Brooklyn faced the challenge and found the hand of the Lord in her life.


Ensign College Video (2:52)

Daniel Carter - LDS Business College

Daniel Carter was lost, but found himself along with renewed confidence at LDSBC.


Ensign College Video (1:53)

Growth Comes through Challenges

Lorri failed several job interviews but soon found the reason--and her purpose in life--following a personal revelation to go back to school.


Ensign College Video (2:53)

"I am ready to be taught."

Adrienne Lauaki came from New Zealand to find her dreams fulfilled at LDSBC.