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Megan's Story: Finding Hope Alone with a Child and a Disability

May 2016

Bloggers are uniting to help single parents like Megan (watch her video). We invite you to join in this exciting campaign, spread the word and make a gift. Below you will find our goal, a detailed description of the campain, how to get involved, and some examples of what others are doing to spread the word.


We can help bring hope with our goal to raise money for as many single parents’ scholarships as we can. At LDS Business College, each semester costs $1,800 or $3,600 a year, or $7,200 for a full two year degree. There are 45 single parents currently in need. We want to see how many of these 45 parents we can help.

Why This Campaign and Why Single Parents?

LDS Business College has developed an approach to help single parents, especially women, improve their earning potential. Single parents at LDSBC use scholarship funds to pay tuition, books and other fees. Students enroll in one of six career-oriented programs: accounting, business, computers, medical careers, interior design, or office technology. In recent years, LDSBC has placed 90% of its graduates into a career.

Get Involved: Make a Gift!

Thank you for considering the promotion of single parent scholarships at LDS Business College.

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