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Join Zack in His April Shack Challenge

March 2012

Editor's Note: The dates for Zack’s Shack 2012 will be April 13th and 14th. You can meet Zack in person at 556 East Center Street in Provo, Utah—from 11 AM to 3 PM each day.

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For the third year in a row, Zack’s back with all the energy a little boy can muster. In 2010, his lemonade stand in Provo, Utah raised enough money to buy one wheelchair (you can watch a video below about his efforts) to bless the life of someone in desperate need of mobility in a faraway country. Last year, Zack’s Shack raised enough money for fifteen wheelchairs—all in a single spring weekend. And he motivated people all around the country to do the same.

zack4 How many seven year olds does it take to raise enough money for fifteen wheelchairs in two days? Just one. Plus an 8-year-old neighbor and two helpful moms.

One of those motivated was Geralene Beckett from Rancho Santa Margarita, California. She helped organize families in her local church congregation to raise money for wheelchairs.

“I had been browsing for humanitarian ideas and came across the video of “Zack’s Shack” on,” said Geralene. “There I discovered that a little boy named Zack raised funds from his lemonade and cookie “shack” to buy wheelchairs for people in other countries who were in desperate need. I read and watched Zack tell his story three times. This was it! Surely if a seven-year-old boy could raise funds to buy wheelchairs, my neighbors and I could do something to help.”

And help they did—through various collections, bake sales, and donations over a two-month period, Geralene’s congregation raised enough money for 57 wheelchairs!

zack-curbside Zack even offered curbside service to customers.

“It was very clear to me that service and sacrifice truly bless the giver as well as the receiver,” said Geralene. “It does something to our souls . . . it draws us closer to our Heavenly Father . . . it just feels good!”

Many others—including children like Zack—have been influenced by Zack’s experience. This year, Zack—now eight years old—is hoping his idea can motivate many more. “He is super excited,” said his mom Nancy Bird. “We are going to add a new cookie to the mix—but people will have to come by and see what it is.”

The dates for Zack’s Shack #3 will be April 13th and 14th at 556 East Center Street in Provo, Utah—from 11 AM to 3 PM each day.

Zack challenges people everywhere to join with him to raise enough money for 50 wheelchairs on the same days—Friday and Saturday April 13th and 14th. “If I can earn enough money for 20 wheelchairs and everyone else can help get 50, that would be cool,” said Zack.

The average cost of a wheelchair is just $142. To use Zack’s proven recipe for success, he encourages you to do the following:

• Make homemade cookies and provide lemonade or any drink you choose.

• Use “shack” in the name, i.e. “Suzy’s Shack,” “Tommy’s Shack,” etc.

• Use white and yellow stripes with Navy lettering on your sign or table cloth colors.

• Donate the proceeds online to LDS Humanitarian Services.

• Go to Zack’s Facebook page to tell him you’ve joined the effort.

And of course you’ll want to spread the word of your “shack” through social media.

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